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Television 09-24-2006 06:35 PM

Television's Gearbag and Room Cleanout Sale!

Cleanout Sale! Im not usin any of this stuff.. so its coming to you for cheaper!

I take pretty much any form of payment. Paypal preferred, but i will take checks, cash, or money orders too. Please remember that anything other than paypal is at your own risk and you also must wait for it to clear before i send your item out. I stand by my 100% positive feedback and unless you have more than me i will not ship first. I can hold an item for you, but you must give me a date and specific time that you're going to pay me, please do not just offer unless you really want the item. Thanks!

Gearbag Cleanout:
Black/red Revy with X-Board. crack in the red half of the feed neck, glued and works pefectly now. No spring in the lid. (SOLD)

Black revy with xboard. no spring in the lid. (SOLD)

Spyder Freak Jr. with gold .693 insert. One hairline scratch on the outside of the barrel. (45$ shipped) (if you want the .697 SS insert it'll be 55$ Shipped)

Halo battery door. no screw for it (2$+shipping or free shipping with another purchase.)

Out of hydro (5/01) 68/3000 tank. leaks out of pressure relief hole. Reg rebuild and hydro would make this a perfectly working tank. (actually thinking about doing this for it, pm me if you want me to send it in and get it fixed and i'll give you a price for it. Pretty much Perfect condition. (65$ + Shipping)

VForce Armor Mask- Pretty alright condition. First mask, probably needs new lens. (10 Shipped)

September edition of Facefull (1$ + shipping)

Green/Black Acidwash right feed VSC Phantom! Stock barrel bored out to accept freak inserts. Works GREAT. ive never had a problem with it. Not REALLY looking to sell unless its a good offer. Looking to trade for other pumps or maybe other guns. Just offer. WTT up! worst i can say is no.

Tank O rings - black tank o rings, work like a charm, never had one rip on me yet. (4$ shipped per 100 o rings)
Empire Invert pants. Size Mediium (32-36)
Awesome fit, LNIB. Only worn for one day!! No rips or stains whatsoever.

Also, PM me about reballs.I have a lot for sale.
Price: 38 shipped for a CP pod

Seeing What Offers I can get. Pure Energy 88/4500 tank with REBEL tank cover, IN HYDRO! 5 yeah hydro not due till 08. always kept in a tank cover and is in pristine condition. I can get pics once i get my camera back tomorrow. SOLD

Room Cleanup:

Calvin Klein Black Passcase Wallet.
Brand new. comes with tags and everything. Tag retails 32.00
Price: 17 dollars shipped OBO

Black Flys: Micro Fly II Sunglasses
Used, but in good condition. no huge scratches or anything wrong with them.
I bought about six months ago, used for a little and then havent used since. Bought for 60 dollars.
Price: 23 dollars shipped OBO!

Original XBOX.
Bought the first day it came out.. everythings working right now except a broken DVD drive. replace the dvd drive and you can play any game like a normal xbox. can come with just the xbox.. or i have some games and one controller.
Price: Offer up. Since i gotta say a price... 60 + shipping. Negotiable. :P

Xbox games:
Star wars: Obi Wan
DDR ultramix (SOLD)
007 Agent under Fire

All in good condition as far as i can see. Offer up as i dont know prices on these. or i can add with the xbox as a package.

Willing to negotiate. If you dont think a price is right, just offer with the price you want... if its reasonable i'll most likely take it. Will keep adding more as i find more stuff for sale! Offer up!! I can always get more info on anything you'd like to know about too! :P :P

Trades im interested in:
E1 samurai trigger
Zero B board
Stiffi Mamba Tip
Offer up. worst i can say is no! all trades welcome

Titus 09-24-2006 06:49 PM

DDR you say? PM me with photos

Cleric 09-24-2006 07:48 PM

Interested in the Phantom.....I will PM you about the offer

Television 09-27-2006 10:00 AM


Television 09-30-2006 10:23 AM

:D :cool: :ROTFL:

Television 10-04-2006 12:50 AM

:d :d :d :d

Weltz4u 10-04-2006 04:17 PM

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