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Splatmaster Problem

hi guys
I just got a splatmaster from my friend and the ram to puncher the co2 cartrage will not puncture does anyone have a idea why it is not
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Splattys don't use a ram to puncture a 12 gram. Could you elaborate?
The 12 gram goes in the grip, the 12 gram plug should force the cartridge against the charging pin, pressurizing the valve chamber. When you push the plunger at the rear of the gun, it should open the action and allow a ball to drop into the breech. Squeezing the trigger should then fire the gun.
Splatmasters are simple, reliable guns and can be easily repaired and maintained with a Phillips head screwdriver by anyone with the most basic mechanical skill.
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Does your splatmaster have a clamshell/slam changer under the grip? That's what I think you may be trying to describe but I want to clarify, it looks like this;

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