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Pneumatic Design Storm Cup Seal

Ok, so I got my newly purchased Storm yesterday and broke it down very easily. Found a new o-ring for the velocity adjustment pin in the front to stop the leak from there. Now the problem is the cup seal, which looks fine, no marks, indents or gouges and the cup seal nut face wich is nice and smooth with no damage. I air it up and I can hear it leaking out of the cup seal, it fires and cycles fine but won't stop leaking. I polished up the valve cap screw, tried using the drill technique on the valve and hold the seal againt, and even used a lighter to heat up the seal to create a better bond with the nut. And it still leaks. And yes have oiled it up nice too. Anyone have any luck reparing or replacing the cup seal? Or maybe trying a nelson or cocker valve tube? My next thought is to try and get the seal off the valve tube and ream out a slot for a o-ring kind of like the black magic cup seals, just don't know if the plastic seal is bonded to the valve or not. Any help or experience would be much obliged.
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I am not a macodomy!!
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Update...Got home from work and decide to tear it apart again, which I may add is very easy. Wanted to see if I could get the cup seal off the valve, ended up looking down to where the valve nut screws in and it was filthy. So get a swab down there and clean it, look down there with the bore light and see what looks like a metal thread sticking up from the valve thread. Seems like the cup seal wasn't the problem it was the metal sliver getting between the valve nut oring and body. Deburr it and clean it all up get her all back together and throw the tank on and a slight hiss, fire it a few times and silence. So the ancient cup seal wasn't the culprit and now the Storm is ready to bring the thunder down! So no help is needed with my Storm hopefully anytime soon.
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