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Regency Crome2 airleaks, might be the noid...

My Crome2 has been my go to marker for a while now... never had a hickup until recently.

I was at a a scenario, about to run final battle. I had run the C2 the whole two days without incident. Just before the off I went to take a test shot and the bolt stuck fwd and it leaked down the barrel. Degassed, moved bolt back and it held air until I shot it. Went to a backup and got a little bit of FB in before days end... was pretty bummed.

Got home and shelved it for a bit... waited til I was feeling up to it before I started repairs.

Cleaned and greased all orings, inspected and found no nicks or debris. Tried to air it up and still leaking down barrel and also from the frame area. Next, I'm going to try replacing the bolt engine bc I have a backup... fingers crossed that works. If so then it's orings only. I read the trouble shooting section on Regency's site so I know which orings to replace, more or less.

If I need a new noid does anyone know the specs or who might have one for sale? Does it take the same noid as another gun? I did some searching and couldn't find any specs on it's noid, other than what's on Regency's site, which is vague and also has m thinking I won't be able to find a replacement, grrrrrrrr...

I'm taking it step by step so I haven't gone "under the hood" yet to look at the noid and listen for the leak(s). I'm a little bit frustrated so I'm going to wait on working on it b/c I know it's never best to do repairs when you're a bit miffed...

If anyone can offer up some advice or has a spare noid I'd be extremely grateful. At this time I'm uncertain if the noid is blown, and I've rebuilt the noid on my Quest so I could try doing so with the Crome before I give up on it.

Just preparing for the worst I guess


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I'm not too familiar with the crome, but 9/10 times there is a barrel leak it's never the solenoid.

Taken from their website, you've probably seen it-

• Check o-rings #7,8 or 10 in the bolt kit for damage and replace.
• In-line regulator is creeping/leaking or may be set on to high pressure -> Service
the regulator. See Regulator Maintenance guide Manual.

Also consider hand fitting the orings and testing the tolerances by hand and using the right amount of lube of course. Just because you have the right size oring and it looks good, doesn't actually mean it's a good oring to use. I've gone through 2-3 brand new "good" looking orings and have had an issue with them before.

Just play around with the kit until you find a good fitting oring that actually seals up and isn't too swollen or too small.

All this being said, I would love to have a crome2 someday.
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Thanks man, yeah I absolutely love this gun. And like I said... it's been amazingly solid. Never a hick-up and so consistent at the chrono.. even with the CP reg. I almost switched over to a 2-liter, and I might still. Instead I just put a reg extender on it for a little extra volume. Seemed to help, but really I was just wanting a longer fore-grip.

Yeah I read that whole trouble shooting section. Appreciate the insight re: the solenoid. I'm going to clean and grease the extra engine and if that returns it to working order I'll go back to the main bolt and start replacing o-rings as per their directions. I want to rebuild the primary bolt engine since it's more broken in... if the extra works then I'll be able to keep it at the ready if any other issues come up while I'm at a scenario.


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