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Finance/Stocks-Prepper/Survivalist theme?

So I'm looking to diversify my stock portfolio in the near future.

The very short run around is that I want to place some money into a company like REI. That was my first thought until I remembered they are a co op and cant buy shares.

I'm looking for suggestions on some companies that sell goods or technology to the preppers and the survivalists. Like if **** went down tomorrow, what are all of the masses of confused people going to be buying (Tents, gas stoves, generators, non perishable foods) and where?

What kind of companies do you think made the most money off scares like y2k, mayan calanedar and stuff like that?

I realize stocks may not be the most sound investment if **** really goes to hell, but people's fear and anxiety about the unknown is a powerful influence on a lot of peoples check books in my opinion.
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Dude. Firearm companies.

I purchased 25 shares of SMith and Wesson in 2012 and its doubled with a good spike with every scare. Same with Ruger. I bought 15 when they were sitting at around 26 dollars a pop and sold when they hit 80 something last year.

You dont need to wait for the next big SHTF moment to see a profit. Just wait until a politician opens their mouths, instant jump.
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Yeah, don't try to cash in when the SHTF because the market won't be open. Look at things that move when panic buying/selling happens and react based on current events. I'm talking about current events in general, not specifically what happened recently.
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Check out Vista Outdoors, they own most of the ammo companies. Just recently spun off from their aerospace defense counterpart (Alliant Techsystems ATK) after the last ammo hoarding wave.

Not giving advice whether to buy because I know nothing about the company beyond what's posted, but just check out the brands they own and see if that fits the profile your looking for.

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Exactly the kind of info I'm looking for, I'm not really a big real steel guy, so I don't know the brands at all.
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