Money and Finance Because you have to save money to spend it on new paintball stuff!

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Gentlemen... Find your rebates! Get paid to save!

A little known fact is that there are a ton of rebates given for energy saving products. So if you buy then, not only do you save money, but you save money buying them. It's a great deal and right now even better due to the low cost of purchasing a lot of these products and a lot of rebates were set up back when they used to cost more.

So in the example of LED lights, you can get paid to save money. Now that's a good deal!

Right now Walmart is selling a 4 pack of 60 Watt equivalent LED bulbs for $7.54 (as of this posting):

In NH, I via I can get a rebate of $5.00 for each bulb. So for $7.54 spent, I will actually make $12.46 and save money on my electricity. Rebates can only add up to $100 max annually.

Now I already switched over my house a couple years ago, so not sure if I can take part of the rebate still, but might as well have other folks get on this.

Rebates can be found for just about any new appliance also. Look here to see what you can find:

Find your Rebate:

LED Lighting things I've learned on the switch over:

* Go for the warm LED not the cold
* Make sure the LED is instant on. If not it takes a split second to come on. I've gotten used to them, but it's one of those things that drives you crazy for the first little bit if they are NOT an instant on.
* You must have dimmable LED's (they are specifically different) if you have a dimmer
* If you plan on dimming, be sure to get the more expensive LED's, it will matter as they won't try and flicker and be noticeable.

But rebates can be found for just about anything out there. Sure many of us have heard about them, but how many of us actually go about getting them?
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Thanks for this! I may have a couple hundred dollars worth of rebates if I can dig up everything that is required!
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