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Originally Posted by travis1581 View Post
There are ways around "having" to have a card with most hotel chains, or simply buy a gift card sponsored by one of the CC companies. IME, many of the chains have membership programs you can sign up for and alleviate most of those issues. TBH, the biggest issue I have come across is renting a car without a "credit" card. Still, easy enough to solve. Also, keep in mind that a "debit" card, which can be used for all of the above, is not a "credit" card. My bank offers me the same/similar protections from theft as a CC, even better in most cases. I use a small privately owned bank and the fraud dept for them is on "fleek".

I haven't had a credit card in over 20 years and have not had any issue I could not solve without it, particularly with the advent of Paypal. Love it!

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excellent advise, but I would add "teach your kids".

My parents utterly failed in teaching me about money so I got to learn the hard way. But luckily I did learn and at this point the only debt the wife and I have is what is left on our home mortgage, and we are on track with our 5-year plan to move to an acreage with the kids down the road.

I used to work for Sears credit in their call center and the two calls from the most clueless people I ever got was one lady who didn't understand why she was getting bills because "you extended me credit, so I don't get why I'm getting these bills now." and the "business guy" who didn't get why he was being declined because he deals with large amounts of money all the time and barely letting me get a word in edgewise to let him know that the bankruptcy filing from 5 months back was the reason we were declining him.
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