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Safest credit card setup?

About every 2 years I need to get a new credit card because somebody has stolen my information. I buy a lot of things online but I think the last one that got me might have been a skimmer at a gas station.

What is the safest credit card or security setup available at the moment?
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I'd say the chip cards are going to be the safest setup. They have a limit as to how much you can use the tap functionality for (tap your card on the reader and it pays instantly), personally mine is I believe $100 limit to tap but I can do my entire limit through a chip and pin transaction. If there's a skimmer then you want to avoid places that have you do the old swipe and sign a receipt method.

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I've noticed my chip card sometimes triggers the NFC feature in my phone, not sure if any meaningful information could be gleaned from that, but it works through my wallet.
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Call me paranoid idc. For any internet purchase my wife and I use a "loaded" card from Walmart. If someone gets a hold of the info... well it's only good for the amount on the card. Call me paranoid but my account info isn't out there for general perusal.
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I can’t say enough good things about my capital one card. They have the great cash back cards, but I use the 2% cashback for travel card. They’re online and app usage is very easy to navigate and if anything is abnormal on my card they sent me a text to actually approve it.

That being said, I’ve had an Amex cats with the same number that has never been hacked in 18 years. So they’ve got the best track record but the website is horrible to work with...

Gas station skimmers are a huge issue in the states as we still swipe and don’t use the chip in them. Never use a debit card at gas stations and take the time to go inside and pay. It’s a pain, but will keep this from happening again.
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I don't own a debit card, only credit. Debit cards are just too much liability.
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I think the thing that matters more than the security of the card transaction is the type of bank or institution that provides the card.

I use USAA, and their dispute/resolution process is very easy. I have never gotten pushback on anything, and usually have a new card within 3 business days. Some banks and card providers have really good reputations in this department, some not so much.

While not 100%, I would say there is a high likelihood that your card info will be stolen at some point in your life, especially if you use your card a lot. Chips make it much tougher, but not everywhere uses them. Rather than overthink the card security, I would put more thought into who provides the card, and get aligned with someone that will have your back when something goes wrong.

A few other tips:

- Skimmers are usually on the outer pumps at gas stations, or the third party ATM's. They tend to favor the card mechanisms you insert the card into, and frequently, an inspection or good tug on the plastic can reveal them before you put a card in - I have found 3 this way.

- Don't use your debit card anywhere that you don't absolutely have to, but especially not gas stations, outside card machines, and ATM's that aren't your (or at least a reputable) bank. Debit card resolutions are long and unpleasant experiences with most banks, no matter how good they are.

- I would not get any new card, debit or credit, that doesn't have a chip on it.
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