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What do you call the thing that has a bunch of songs mixed together?

This question is directed to the kids, who have grown up on mp3's and have not really used cds, minidiscs, cassette tapes, or records to listen to their music.

When you mix a bunch of songs together for extended listening. What do you call it?

When I was young we called them mixtapes. Well, because they were tapes. CD-R's weren't available to normal people and we mixed records anyway. Now that people don't listen to tapes, cd's, minidisc's. What do you call it? I was having some drinks with a few old friends and when this came up everyone drew a blank. Is it mixmp3? That doesn't roll off the tongue so nice. And now with ipod and all the other formats(I use flac), I guess it doesn't make much sense either. Is it just mix?

I'm not talking about a bunch of random songs playing one after another, that's just a playlist now. I'm talking about a continuous mixing of songs with the beats skillfully matched.
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I call it a Playlist (just "Mix" works too though). When I had mix tapes and CDs, for me it was just a bunch of similar music thrown together, not necessarily "skillfully matched".
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to some it call playlist other its call mix.
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playlist is the general term i use and hear. mainly because thats what theyre called on all the newfangled devices.
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Originally Posted by Talfuchre View Post

8 track or reel to reel?.

How about audio-collage? Dj's call it beat matching or mixing so that the previous song ends with or had the same beat.
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Mixtape and it's on cassette.
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I call it mixtape and I am probably one of those "kids" you are talking about. I remember cassettes and still use CDs fairly frequently, but for the most part in the car I just use the radio.
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