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The "I can't get enough of this song!" Thread

Hey guys, I made this thread so we can share songs that we are recently, constantly playing because the song is just that appealing. So here is the song I've been playing all day. I want a battle ax and a steed.

"The Winds of War" by Kid Liberty
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I try not to listen to a song over and over for days because I can burn out on it and never want to hear it again.

But here are some good candidates.:
10.Counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums - YouTube

Disturbed The Animal lyrics - YouTube
This I can actually sleep to, I used to study to it, listening to it for solid hours on repeat. Dont ask how.

Apparently I have a thing for strange sounds.
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Oh I know where this came from!!

The window - Trout Fishing in America - YouTube
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Queen + The Beatles - Fat Bottomed Girls Come Together (Mashup) - YouTube

Trust me, it's a cool song.
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+1 for Queen. I have had Bohemian Rhapsody in my head a lot lately.

Also they've been playing a little more beastie boys since MCA passed, so I've been playing Sabotage a lot recently.
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Run Like Hell - The Flatliners

One of my favorites by them. With that said, also one of my favorite bands. Their albums "The Great Awake" and "Cavalcade" are among the best albums I've listened to.
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Fuse city - head up
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in flames remix dark times song better then regular song
dark times regular song
In Flames - Darker Times - YouTube
i think the remix is way better then that one.
In Flames - Darker Times (Eagleclaw Remix) - YouTube
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Alex Clare - Too Close (OFFICIAL VIDEO) - YouTube
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