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So my (Cicra 2007??) Generation 2 Classic Ipod is starting to go on its way out. and so i have been looking at the newest Shuffle. All i need is something to work out with and just feel the buttons to go to the next song. However, i did some research and i dont know if its true or not but maybe you guys can help me out.
1) I heard that the shuffle ONLY uses the Apple Ear Buds and nothing else
2) I sweat a Hella Lot and i heard that the little mic that comes with the ear buds messes up if sweat gets in there (ie- changes songs, goes on and off etc.)
so the reason im posting this up is because i think its perfect for what i wanna do which is working out and running a lot.
please help me out. and what should i look into or what advice can you give me? thank
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i dont know much about the shuffle, I know all the ipods I have had any ear-buds will work, the male end that goes into the device they are univerisal i dont know why a shuffle would be different but that doesnt sound true. I would suggest buying new ear buds one without the mic piece. But email apple or do some google searching to see if thats true, but if you got mad sweat maybe wear a headband? I dunno too much sweat is never a bad thing when working out.
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I enjoy the headphones that come with apple products and workout with my shuffle when I'm at school. Its actually only used for workouts and work, just something I grabbed off craigslist last summer. I've recently lost my apple headphones and hate it, just have some generic ones now. the clicking button really makes a difference while working over, with changing songs and adjusting volume, its a nice convenience. I've had no problem with the mic/changer, the thing i have run into is its a little stiff on cold mornings but that could be the cold weather as much as sweat. I sweat a fair amount and like to keep my headphone cord under my shirt during training.
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Get good in-ear headphones with silicon buds, and get an armband for your ipod. Both problems solved!

Also, my shuffle works fine with any headphones
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