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Classical Music?

Does anyone listen to or play classical music?

I myself am a Euphonium player. Just wondering how many other low brass players, or other instrumentalists, there are out there. I also just thought I'd share some amazing videos I just found of a group called Mnozil Brass. Amazing group, and just about anyone can truly appreciate what they do. They make classical music fun and entertaining.

Mnozil Brass - Florentiner March - Full (Hungarian Schnapsodie included) - YouTube

MNOZIL BRASS lonley boy - YouTube
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I love classical music, and I'm especially a sucker for strings. I don't know why but they move me.

Joe Hisaishi is one of my favorite composers of all time. This is the entire symphonic suite for the film Princess Mononoke that he did with the Czech Republic Philharmonic Orchestra back in 1998.

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I listen to everything,but I enjoy a lot of classical music. It started for me when I was a kid because I had to hear this album my dad had with a breaching whale on the cover. I was a sucker for that.
To this day Alan Hovhaness is a favorite of mine, though he may be a little out there for some. That first piece I heard is still my favorite piece of classical music.
"And god created great whales" is a piece for orchestra with whale sounds. He worked with an oceanographer he knew and wrote the music to match the meaning of the sounds. Humpbacks singing, Orcas on the hunt and Sperm whales going deep for squid. I love it.


Hovhaness - And God Created Great Whales (2/2) - YouTube

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I love Classical music and one of my favorites is Bach's, Concerto for 2 Violins.
Heard it in Children Of a Lesser God and fell in love with it.


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