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Awesome shows guys!!! I've seen a ton as well including gwar haha. I remember taking the subway home covered in blood.
Best festival is definitely the lollapaloozas with all the bands in their prime!! (Tool on side stage)
Biggest band at a small venue would have to be Metallica at the opera house toronto!!
But best concert experience for me was pantera!!

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Musically? Yes in 1987 and Apocalyptica Last year.
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I lucked out one night, traveling for work (pre-internet everywhere days) and ended up at a Fear Factory / Machine Head show, after which Fear factory broke up. I have a set list, and Christian's pick from that show. Sat the whole thing beside the stage, on a set of steps, in this little venue outside of Atlanta.

Other than that... there was that show where I hung out with the Misfits, or the one where we hung out with Crossbreed before meeting Rammstein (and Flake hitting on my now wife)... or the Ozzfest where I had accidental box seats and met Rob Zombie.

Close follow up was seeing Type O Negative and Cradle of Filth in what is now a IGA grocery store
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Best concerts is too hard, so here are my top 5
The Rolling Stones (all of them since 1982)
Yes - In the round. Sometime in the late 70's
The Eagles - Opening night the Form, maybe three years ago.
Los Angeles Philharmonic - Beethoven's ninth symphony
John Williams - Hollywood Bowl - Movie Music - Every year for the last 15 years
Neil Diamond - Maybe 5 years ago, giant sing along - okay I know that is six
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Jeff Healy circa 1990 at the Warfield Theatre, virtuoso musician in a great old club.

Depeche Mode 2003ish. Right after Dave Gahan got sober.

Queensryche on the "Operation Mindcrime" tour. Their best album in my opinion.

Loolapolooza 2; Red Hot Chili Peppers closed a bill that featured Ministry, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam.


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I got to see this lineup in Philly on Halloween night. Was an absolutely NUTS show. TBDM is my favorite band. The chance to see Dethklok on tour was amazing. All That Remains played the entirety of The Fall of Ideals (wow they suck so much now). What needs to be said about Machine Head?

Everyone was in costume. Everyone was carrying on. It was without a doubt the best concert I have ever been to.
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Portugal. The Man holds two slots in my top five. They engage with the audience so well and have such a great vibe.

Tenacious D is ridiculously fun.

Baroness is great for metal, lots of energy.

The Mallett Brothers Band is always a good time if you're on the Eastern side of the US.
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TOOL - Mexico City 2014

All other shows I attend now are just bonus.
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Glad to see some metal heads. Every time I watch a paintball video on YouTube I can't bear the music. Must be the youngsters

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I saw Tool in Nashville last year and dragged my girlfriend along with me. It was pretty awesome and I'd love to go again. Saw Rush do Moving Pictures too, I think that was a close second. Here in St. Louis we have an awesome local band do covers of Pink Floyd and they always put on a great show. Seeing Roger Water do The Wall was pretty good too. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever been to a concert I didn't enjoy.
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