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What's the best concert you've ever been to?

I've only been to 5 concerts (not including the time I was dragged to a Scorpion concert when I was 11, where I fell asleep), but in the last year I've been to 2 that were freakin amazing. I just got back from seeing Animals as Leaders, with Veil of Maya and Alluvial. Back in August, I saw Periphery with Sikth, Chon, and Toothgrinder. Both times I was able to get right up front, dead enter of the stage. Periphery being my favorite band, that show takes the cake for me as the best show ever. Being able to meet the band before the show helped too haha.

So what has been y'all's best concert?

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Who is this Chad Thompson you all are talking about?
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I've seen hundreds over the years - mostly due to work, mostly ones I didn't want to see like Justin Bieber lol.

My favorite concert was Lamb of God with Metallica. Metallica is pretty decent...but Lamb of God put on a stellar show!

2nd favorite was Lalapolooza in 92 or 93 I think, saw both, but was pretty high...both were good, one was better lol
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  1. Iron Maiden - "the Beast on the Road" tour 23 June 1982 Toronto, Canada
  2. Rush - "Moving Pictures" tour 12 May 1981 Rochester, NY

Led Zeppelin "In through the out door" tour 1 Nov 1980 Buffalo NY (Honerable mention because I'm sure I would have loved it if it had happened)[ticket purchased but tour cancelled due to John Bonham's death]

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Caught an LA Guns/Great White/Ratt/Poison show in San Berdino, 95ish I think. Started dead center, 3rd row. Got a backstage pass, met Bobby Dall. Sweet night.

Metallica is always good. Caught a show that Monster Magnet opened for them. Only played 25 minutes but Metallica came on for nearly 3 hours. Just a battle, was epically exhausted.

Now a days, I love the fun smaller acts. Dropkick Murphy's stands out.
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Best small show was Death by Stereo with Brat Attack, Bigwig, Big D and the Kids Table, and a young The Flatliners. No real security, and the stage was just a raised platform.

Medium show is a tie between Strung Out and Coheed and Cambria. The venues for both were awesome. Coheed played the Commodore (which was great), while Strung Out played this theatre-turned venue called The Rickshaw. Just amazing performances from them both.

Stadium show, Iron Maiden. Hands down. They put on such an awesome show.
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The 1991 Clash Of The Titans Tour ....Megadeth/Slayer/Anthrax/Alice In Chains was a great show and one of my favs.

Most memorable though was July 18th 1999 at the Orpheum Theater in Boston I saw Iron Maiden and sweat my *** off as it was the hottest evening of the summer at that year ,the theater had no ac which made it that much hotter kept having to dump water on myself to keep cool,the music was insane and a great time was had there that night
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I've seen so many great shows over the years its hard to say my favorite.

IIRC my first concert and probably my firs pit experience was Korn way back when I was a teen. I remember huge flames shooting up out of the stage and feeling the heat from pretty far back.

Jeff Beck was raw and powerful put chills down my spine, Eric Clapton was also an amazing show as far as watching masters at work.

Visually Metallica was awesome, the concert on Netflix "Through the Never" was recorded in my city and I was present for that show. Nine Inch Nails was also very visually amazing with the fence that they lower in front of the stage and project images on makes for some very cool effects. Rammstein put on a hell of a pyro show would have been amazing to see them in an outdoor venue where they would have been less restricted to the pyrotechnics used not that dozens of babies hanging from a mobile with laser eyes and exploding heads weren't cool but I know they have a lot of cool pyro effects that they did not even touch on that night.

Tool was amazing and probably the most talked about show between my circle of friends as we got into more then our usual shenanigans and made more than a few memorable stories from the event. "I went to tool" became quite the inside joke for us and we are eagerly awaiting their return next month as we have been waiting years for their return.

System of a Down was great, I went with my Buddy, we were on the floor and pushed our way past the pit to the front of the barricade, my buddy is a heavy dude and was using his weight to push the crowd back and give us some space as there was a very attractive women in front of us and my buddy thought she was getting a little crushed, while he was leaning back against the crowd he let out a yawn and Daron Malakian was maybe about 7-10 feet away from us, he looked at my buddy yawing and threw his guitar pick in my buddies gaping mouth. It was great as my buddy was yawing he got a puzzled look on his face, reached into his mouth, pulled out the pick, realized what happened and got this priceless look on his face as his mind was blown.

I've seen Black Sabbath separately with Dio and Ozzy, I got to see them preform with Dio about a year or so before his passing so that was pretty cool. I've also seen Ozzy a few times as Ozzy (not Sabbath) and I've been to a Black Label Society show.

GWAR was an interesting experience.

Red Hot Chili Peppers, watching Flea walk across the stage on his hands thinking to myself these guys are mostly in their 50s and have so much energy.

I've seen lots of other shows but those were the most memorable.
Some other concerts I've seen that come to mind:
Scorpions, Iron Maiden, Areosmith, Rush, Dream Theater, Yes, Godsmack, City and Colour, John Fogerty, Cheap Trick, Skrillex, Diplo, Pretty Lights... I know there are more I just cant remember.

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Being a kid growing up in the Cleveland area during the '70s and '80s I consider myself to be extremely lucky. Concert tickets were $10-20 dollars and all the great bands came through at least once a year. I've see Rush,Rolling Stones,The Who, and on and on. The one concert that sticks out in my mind was at the Richfield Coliseum on April 28 1977. The only time I was able to see Led Zepplin. Absolutely incredible stage show. Close second was in 1980 seeing Queen. The best unknown band (at the time) was seeing a little known band open for Aerosmith....Guns and Roses were just starting to get airplay on the radio but they blew Aerosmith right off the stage.I've been to over 300 concerts and these few are the ones that shine amongst the rest.
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The Rolling Stones and Van Halen at the Tangerine Bowl in 1981. That was a great concert. I'll never forget it.
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Originally Posted by Jebus View Post
My favorite concert was Lamb of God with Metallica. Metallica is pretty decent...but Lamb of God put on a stellar show!
Yeah that would be a sick show!! I saw LoG a couple of years ago, and they blew my mind!!

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Who is this Chad Thompson you all are talking about?
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