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Back in the late 80s Hank Williams Jr. Came out piss drunk, slurred through a couple of songs and tossed his bottle at us before stumbling off the stage.

Sadly though even worse was the 1st concert I took my wife to. Now in part was the venue. A college dome. They were set up dead middle facing the long side. Sound quality sucked. Took almost 4 hours to get in. Missed all but the last half of the last song by Oleander. The stage was rushed and my wife nearly trampled during Fuel. And the headliner 3 doors down just didn't seem to give a damn. Hell Fuel was the best part of the whole thing. They at least had fun with it and seemed to actually want to be there. The others not so much.
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Kick back and enjoy the atmosphere, sexy girls at my school keep me sane through the worst lectures by the worst professors

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TOOL at a family values tour back in the early 2000s or late 90s. Menard (lead singer) hid behind a cluster of lights on the stage. Don't recall him ever coming out like a lead vocalist should.

Side note: saw the Pixies last month and they were freaking awesome
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megadeth. I think the sound guy was def and couldn't make it right. Static-x that opened for them was perfect. oh well.
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Bob Dylan is the worst I have been to, it really wasn't that bad but Mark Knopfler opened for him and played so well everything else was bad by comparison. Bob's voice is going, though. I haven't been to that many concerts.
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Originally Posted by superfreak View Post
TOOL at a family values tour back in the early 2000s or late 90s. Menard (lead singer) hid behind a cluster of lights on the stage. Don't recall him ever coming out like a lead vocalist should.
Maynard has always been that way if your familiar with Tool live its just business as usual. I just went to Tool on Tuesday and the drummer, bassist and guitarist were always well lit up while Maynard stood beside the drums in the dark wearing a riot suit. Maynard just does not want to be in the limelight, time before that when I saw them he stood with his back to the crowd the entire time. It does not affect his performance the shows still amazing its just his way of preforming in front of crowds.

to stay on the topic worst show I've been to was probably Velvet Revolver, the sound crew did not balance the volumes too well and everything just blended together and sounded like garbage.
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2006 SummerSonic in Japan. Everyone was phenomenal, amazing shows, except one which was ruined for me forever. Really shy, polite culture. I don't know how big some of these English bands were in Japan, but everyone came on stage, introduced themselves, interacted and attempted some Japanese and had a few laughs with the crowd, and the crows would go nuts and be hooked for the whole set.

The only band to completely ignore the crowd, Deftones leaps on stage into their opening song. Then the next song, and the third. The whole crowd, thousands of people, are absolutely still, completely silent. Lead singer throws a massive hissy fit on stage, smashes the microphone, kicks over some speakers and leaves. Up until then, I had been a fan of theirs. Too bad I already bought the Tshirt, that was a joke the rest of the vacation...
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Social Distortion in about 1997.
I was a huge fan, and 95% of their set was from a new album that I didn't have (or even heard of). After all these years, the new album hasn't held up to the fame of the early albums, and it was just so disappointing not to hear the songs I loved.
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30 Seconds to Mars opened for Incubus before 30 Seconds was huge. The crowd hated them and they were a bore to watch and Incubus could not come on soon enough.
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i think you will be fine. Fed Ex was always good to me until my wifes dog bit the driver. they usually don't avoid you unless they have a reason.

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Aerosmith-1980 at Boston Garden.
Whole band was on heroin. A lot of heroin.
Barely played four songs and walked off.
Never thought much of them since.
We were the kids who made Aerosmith stars. The kids in the Levi's jackets with the "Winged A" patch sewn across the shoulders who went to every show, and bought all the records and requested Aerosmith on the Boston rock radio stations.
They didn't even have the decency to show up sober at "home" and give us a decent concert.
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