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Hoobastank opened for incubus ... ya that sucked. Incubus was tight tho.
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Maybe it was the era but there seems to be a commonality in this thread that most of the bands performing on the family values tour sucked live. I went in 1999, a lot of the bands/musicians billed for the show weren't at the Chicago concert.

I remember going and enjoying filter and the crystal method, but all the other performances where terrible.

Maybe it was just that overproduced studio nu metal sounds terrible live, or maybe we were all realizing the genre sucked.

I do remember the sound being pretty bad, but it always is at any indoor stadium.
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I went to see Lamb of God, Anthrax and The Devin Townsend Project in Philly a few years back. Anthrax was AWFUL. I had been wanting to see them so I could so that I had for years. The vocals sounded strained, the clean singing was even worse, and the guitar work seemed sloppy. On top of that they played mostly new stuff which was garbage. It was utter disappointment. I did get to scratch LoG off my list, and I don't think I would see them again. The band themselves was great but the crowd was awful.
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I saw Lamb of God at Red Rocks and they were great. Clutch opened and were even better.

I went to Slayer mostly to see Mastodon and Killswitch Engage open. They were tight, but I left halfway into Slayer's set because you literally couldn't tell one song apart from the next.

I got dragged to Travis. The lead signer actually made fun of me for not singing along to "Why Does it Always Rain on Me" but I legit didn't know the words. And was bored.

The worst was Third Eye Blind, though. Falsetto vocals live don't really work well. At least the tickets were free.
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In 91-92ish went to see Bullet Boys, Slaughter, then Poison. Bullet Boys were just OK. And I was really looking forward to them.

BUT OMG Slaughter was awful. totally out of sinc, he was super strained to sing at all.

Poison was really good though.

A close second place was Foreigner. No Lou Gramm. 'nuff said.
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Quiet Riot - dude goes on a long rant/speech about sobriety and spirituality... nobody wants to hear that **** at a concert. What a buzzkill. Dude died of an overdose shortly after.

Deftones - guy was completely wasted, horrible concert.
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Neil Young & Crazy Horse at San Francisco in 2012/2013, dude went on and played the same chord for 10 mins(I timed him like 2 mins in) as if we were in the 70s and on acid, I'm still in disbelief that the Foo Fighters were given an hour less long set than him
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Originally Posted by psunitro View Post
Bullet Boys.

That song rocked!
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My worst was actually at my favorite concert.
Anamanaguchi, 2013. The opening act was the local Kitty Pryde, a rapper with a kind of adorkable retro look--unbefitting her 'edgelord' front--and her stepbrother 'DJ Cervix'. Everyone just rolled their eyes and started losing interest right about there.
Her pre-show speech had a couple lines that were funny but turned out to be scripted, and she soon got mumbly and awkward, and her set got no better.
After the first song she lost her wind and just got boring, and the DJ was somehow failing to keep on beat with electronics helping him out. It was like an unrehearsed talent show. The crowd was soon just the people that had already been drinking because everyone else hit the bar.

Anamanaguchi came on after and made up for it, but that opener wasn't worth the time.
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Originally Posted by punkncat View Post
Guns N Roses.

It was an outdoor concert, and in boot sucking mud to start with. Axel was late and drunk as hell. A venue security guy treated some girl trying to get on stage a way that he didn't like and raised a big rant culminating in his leaving the stage after part of one song.

It turned out later on that we all found out how bad GNR was live anyway, and how full of himself that Axel was, so probably didn't miss much. They were so hot at the time I couldn't help but feel a bit ripped off.
Pretty much the same except AXEL didn't like the sound of the Key board player and walked off. He would duck off stage every chance he got to get oxygen. . 2nd row center seats , what a waste..

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