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what is or are worst concert you gone too.

rules for this thread this about artists not club or venue. we can talk about what happen at place but do not give name of place out do to fact could had off day or people brought in could not do job required. since do not want to see this bashing thread about club or venue. since not right thing to do. now if place made news for event then can say place. if not do want place get trashed for it.

for me it was when i was so young and about 3 at time. when family to me to county fair to see Sonny and cher. since still do not like them. do recall some of after they share info on it. another one was local show at old place in near me had huge heavy metal festival. to dam hot and who ever was sound guy sucked. since 2 bands i saw music and voice so distorted. will not name place.
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Rolling Stones, Voodoo Lounge Tour, Seattle 1994. Lamest, going through the numbers, half-assed concert I've ever seen. It should have been called the "We hate ourselves but we need money so screw you Tour". The only highlight was "The girl with far away eyes" and I'm guessing the only reason that was any good is they got to sit down for that one.
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Modest Mouse, around 2005-2006. Isaac was 3 hours late to the concert after getting 'lost' in Fargo, ND the night before. Came on stage and could barely form an coherent word nonetheless sing. He was so messed up he fell down twice, but everyone acted like it was just normal. The band mates were definitely pissed at him and while searching for him came out to play a few bluegrass sets. He then got out a blade while singing a song and cutting his chest and continued the barely singing with blood on his shirt. I have never felt more screwed out of a concert.
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Korn. Hands down. Was in 2006. It could have been the seats I had. Could have been my tastes were refining. It just wasn't a great performance. Mudvayne opened, and they were better.
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slayer...totally hyped for it opening act was **** some metal rap thing from New York :its ok slayer will kill" seemed so forced I actually fell asleep in the concert
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Worst band I saw live was Motionless in White. Just a crappy band in general. Funny part is that the crowd seemed to agree; I only saw one person who seemed into it. Fortunately they were the opener, and the rest of the lineup was pretty awesome (BFMV, Lamb of God, and Slipknot).

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Sting. He played during the NBA All Star game in Toronto last year but he only used the house sound system. I couldn't even hear him.

Okay I guess that was a venue issue so here's another: went to see Three Days Grace when I was in university. The band before them was Theory of a Deadman. Nobody seemed into them but we were psyched enough for Three Days Grace that we still got a mosh pit going.
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Guns N Roses.

It was an outdoor concert, and in boot sucking mud to start with. Axel was late and drunk as hell. A venue security guy treated some girl trying to get on stage a way that he didn't like and raised a big rant culminating in his leaving the stage after part of one song.

It turned out later on that we all found out how bad GNR was live anyway, and how full of himself that Axel was, so probably didn't miss much. They were so hot at the time I couldn't help but feel a bit ripped off.
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