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Cigar Box Guitars & Basses

Mods, if this can be moved to “general chat” it would be appreciated since half the interest in these come from cigar smokers, enthusiasts, and aficionados. Either way, Thanks

I built these a few years back. For the most part, 4 string slide guitars and 3 string basses. Always fretless. Always bluesy. The guitars are Fender scale, and the basses are Fender short scale.

Just thought you guys and gals might get a kick out of them. I’m not the best guitar or bass player, but I know what one should sound like, and I always have fun

I had to make these videos before they would leave me for their new owners just so I could remember them.

I sold the bass in the first pic and video for $450 and regret it everyday of my life lol..

I sold the guitar in the second video for $400. It was my personal guitar and had no plans to sell it. Got wasted one night and woke up with the cash in my pocket. My girlfriend had to break the news to me

The bass with the motorcycle is a 100 cigars box that I like to call the Barstool Stand Up Bass

Not sure how to imbed videos but here’s a link

3 string electric fretless bass with mahogany neck thru body, ebony fingerboard

4 string electric fretless slide guitar with maple neck thru body, ebony fingerboard
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That's super cool!! I've never played a fretless or slide guitar before.

What pickups do you use?

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Who is this Chad Thompson you all are talking about?
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I played for twenty years before ever picking up a slide! It’s a lot of fun

As far as pickups go, humbuckers and soapbars for the guitars. P-bass style for the basses, I just run them inline instead of staggered.
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