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I'm very in experianced with lazering, do you only have to send in the parts you want lazered or can you just send the whole gun in?

Originally Posted by Sir_Frag View Post
This is a common misconception. The marker in question is actually from a limited run that WGP produced to try using the little finger as the firing finger to promote digital ambidexterity. Unfortunately, the gravity inverter needed to feed paintballs was sold separately.
Originally Posted by jokers
I play pump because I'm a masochistic bastard who gets his jollies from being outgunned but not outplayed.
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Originally Posted by Jordan View Post
Actually spelled "Nazis".... (I'm aware of the irony....)


meh... ok so it would be Gnazis than... (its grammar nazis >.>)

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When face palm is not enough, you face rocket.
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Originally Posted by Awesomo12000 View Post
yes, you know probably what i am going to say...
Does it involve me being an Idiot?Or you kicking my ***?
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What? Nevermind i guess, i forgot what i was going to say.
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