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Originally Posted by The Inflicted View Post
Cheapest option is here: BT M98 Apex Barrel System: Sports & Outdoors

Surprisingly, it's usually cheaper to just buy a full Apex barrel than to buy the Apex unit by itself.
Works out for you, because you can either use this thing as it comes or remove the Apex unit and ditch the tube that came with it.
Either way, you're saving money.
are you nuts? I win. oh and you cant use the electrical tape mod on a cp barrel the muzzle brake is funny and the apex wont fit it.
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Originally Posted by killedcookie View Post
I propose we make a brass guillotine.
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Originally Posted by Leafy View Post
are you nuts? I win. oh and you cant use the electrical tape mod on a cp barrel the muzzle brake is funny and the apex wont fit it.
Ooh. Didn't see yours.

For the couple months that I actually owned a Tippmann I bought a BT AK47 M98 Apex barrel off Amazon for $35. It was ridiculously long and bulky and I never could hit anything with it, Apex on or off. I think the problem is that the bore was so wide you could stick your arm through it. I then bought a no-name barrel kit off eBay for $35 or so and it was actually really great. With the .686 back, 12" front, and a bit of tape to keep the Apex unit on it definitely outperformed the Apex barrel I already had, though I can't compare it to a purpose-built aftermarket Apex-compatible barrel.

Anyway, I sold the Tippmann and its kit but kept the Apex unit around to use on my other guns. My 98 Cocker stock barrel, Wrath stock barrel, and my WGP Kaner kit are narrow enough to allow the Apex unit to fit. I'm sure my Stiffi barrel would work too, but I've never tried.

I always thought that the Tippmann needed the shortest possible barrel to make it handle properly. If I had kept it around I probably would have taken the Apex unit off the 12" front and cut down the 14" front to 3 inches or so and made that a dedicated Apex front.

Anyway, for the extra $15 I think it's worth it to get a proper Apex barrel. If LAPCO offered an Apex-ready Autospirit I would probably think differently.

Edit: Nevermind. Apparently LAPCO is calling their .687 barrels Big Shots too.
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The apex tip will shoot better on any other barrel than the stock one it comes with. It will always be less accurate than the same barrel without the apex, and forget about trying to use a scope with it, the balls come out of the barrel at an angle. It is very useful if there's low tree branches, you can shoot right under them with the flat trajectory. Curving right/left/down is tricky trying to figure out how far it goes before it hooks, but when you get it right you'll really piss some people off.
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