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Here's a drill I do for accuracy, and this helps more than any upgrade or technique you can possibly think of. Drilling is really the only way to get better at things. After you've improved your baseline skill in paintball, you are in a better position to re-evaluate your equipment and better appreciate those changes.

Get a fill and a box of cheap paint from the local paintball store. Experiment around to see what the cheapest passable paint is - but make sure it hasn't been sitting for ages. This means no paint from chain stores. If it's dimpled, etc, this becomes a much less effective drill because it takes shooting 3-4 balls where one would have sufficed, and you have to hold your marker perfectly still, resisting the temptation to walk the paint in on the target.

Stand 40-60 feet or so away from a milk jug or similar. From the standard stance, bring the marker up, aim, and take a shot. Drop the marker down, bring it up, and take another shot. Repeat five times. Dropping the marker is critical - if you shoot again without moving the marker, you are walking the paint onto the target instead of learning to aim.

After your five shots, switch hands and shoot offhand. Five again. Switch, and so forth.

You will very rapidly learn to hit a target on the first shot if you shoot a bag of paint, wait half a week, and shoot another bag, and so on.

This drill also teaches how to shoulder the marker; being able to bring the marker up without thinking about it and go on to hit something is not a skill you can improve in any other way but trying to do it. In a paintball game, you've got too much going on to really hammer this skill out. When it's just you, trying to hit a target 50 feet away, you will notice little things you overlook in an actual game. Putting the marker in the right spot consistently is one of those things.

After you get this skill down, there's plenty of other drills you can come up with or read about (or watch one of the paintball coaching videos) to work on more advanced situations for accuracy; shooting while moving, snap shooting, shooting from different positions, et cetera.

The videos for learning these kind of skills seem to be limited; One With the Gun, and Dynasty Dysected 1 & 2 are the major ones everyone quotes.
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the more you play with a non changing setup the more used to it you'll get and the paint will just start going in the general direction you want it to. the gun (and anything on it) really has no effect on accuracy. buy good paint, and play more. thats it, thats the secret. damn I should write a long winded book about thing and make that the last line and charge people $24.95 for it.
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I propose we make a brass guillotine.
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DO NOT get into the trap of dumping dollar after dollar into upgrades for your gun.
Instead, put all that money away into a jar and use it to play every opportunity you can.
There's nothing more pathetic than a player who can't afford to pay field fees and buy paint because he spent all his "fun" money on aftermarket barrels, bolts, and bits.
Experience will make you a better player, but more importantly, it means you're actually playing paintball!
Remember, the point of all this is to get out on the field, meet people, and have fun. Not to put together some kind of showcar to impress all the teenagers on PBNation.
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As far as ergonomics go, the one thing I'd recommend for a 98c is an ASA that isn't angled. Something like a CP on off ASA would be perfect and would improve handling big time.
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Originally Posted by paintballnewbie View Post
but i play at tnt they dont allow you to get your own paintballs

TNT has some of the best field paint I have ever used.spring for a CP barrel and learn your gun.
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THanks for all the tips guys

i guess i just need some practice

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I dont think they make a way to run the vert asa on the platnum version 98c. Its a totaly different fitting that seals the valve,its a press seal type thing,it doesnt screw in like the old style,so the old style conversion kit wont work,I've built 3 98s and the latest platnum one I havent figured out how to mount a reg to it.
That said,I gogged and hopper shot people all day with a stock barrel on mine running on hpa and using good paint. Get a barrel but get it for better efficiancy and to make the gun look better to you. Do you have a revy or somthing to keep you from chopping paint? Great upgrade is a electric loader. Like other have said good paint is the number one factor in the ball landing in a tighter group. And the rest is you.
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How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice!

In this case good paint will help you too.

One think that I didn't see mentioned is the comfort level of your gun. Is it comfortable for you to handle, and to shoulder? If not, ask people what they like, and try new things till you get it right. Don't spend money on silly "performance" upgrades, most of them don't do a dang thing. That said, an upgrade that will make your gun more comfortable for you to use is not a waste at all, IMO.

Good luck, and have fun!
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Originally Posted by russc View Post
Also, paintball accuracy simply isn't that good.
I hate for my first post in a while to be kind of negative, but I'm sick of reading this.

I was once able to put ball on ball at over 50 feet with a PGP. I think I was more deadly with that thing than with any other gun, even semis.

It's all about 3 factors. Equipment consistency, ball caliber to barrel bore match, and practice. A decent barrel with a consistent air source using quality and properly fitting paint will shoot very straight. Straight enough to consistently make eliminations from long distances... if you practice.

Practice isn't wailing away at a board and calling it a day. You need to learn the trajectory of paint. You need to be able to shoot straight with bruised arms in an awkward body position after having sprinted a few dozen yards.

Paintball accuracy suffers because human performance degrades significantly during the course of a game, and few people take the time to learn about this degradation and correct it. We get sore, we shoot from less than ideal positions, and most importantly we get excited. If you can learn to relax under fire, and really think about your shots, you can hit anything you want to hit.
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well, "ball on ball" is a pure myth. even with a viced gun you cannot get paintballs to land on top of themselves with any sort of reliable probability. at 50 feet your shooting a 2-3 inch vector which is a 4-6 inch circle of 68% reliability. for 99% confidence, your shooting an 8-12 inch circle at 50 feet.
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