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I'm getting a thermal lens when i can but i sweat an breath heavily when i play does anyone have any suggestions i was gonna get something like this but i don't know if it will work or not.
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that might help for a while, but since your head is covered you will perspire more and after that soaks up with your perspiration it's going to cause you to fog more often.

A good ventilated mask with a good sealed lens is going to be your best bet. taking your mask off and cleaning it with a clean/dry microfiber cloth (especially the mouth and nose area on the mask and on your face where perspiration tends to gather) between games and waiting until right before you enter the gate to put your mask on will help as well.
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Nomex is hot. I wear it regularly.
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If you feel you need to wear a hood, spend some cash and get yourself one of the Underarmor HeatGear hoods. It'll run ya $25-$30 but it's made from Coolmax (wicks moisture away) so it'll mostly eliminate any chances of fogging or overheating.

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yeah that nomex is gonna cook your head, of course your head will be safe from minor encounters with fire.
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I would just save up for a good thermal mask instead of putting money towards a sort of stop-gap solution. I am one of those people who is always hot, and sweat easily. This is especially true when I play paintball cause I run alot and play front. I finally just plunked down the cash for a DYE i3 thermal and that mask has been simply amazing, like night and day from my Profiler mask. It never fogs, EVER. The best mask I've owned in 15 years. It's only problem will be when I try to change lenses, that looks like it won't be near as easy to do as the Profiler is. Just save your money for a better thermal mask.
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Originally Posted by Dusty Bottoms View Post
I would just save up for a good thermal mask instead of putting money towards a sort of stop-gap solution.
I agree completely. I actually think that a top-notch mask with a thermal lens should be the first piece of paintball gear a player buys, before a gun even.

I do still like to use things to soak up sweat and protect my neck and forehead.
In fact,

This guy had a really good idea too, which I would recommend you do to save money.
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