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PaintBall shelf life?

Hello all,

I just discovered two containers full of paintballs. I do not know how long they have been sitting, but I do know that it's been a while since any from this batch were fired.

Does paint have a time when it goes bad? One container's balls had flat spots and dibbits in it.

The other batch seems to have retained their shape pretty well, but arn't as colourfull as the first batch - when put side to side these ones seem a bit faded.

should I just use those fer target pratice or something?

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I'd keep them for target practice. Ones with flats/dimples wont fly as well as round paint, and depending how old they are and how they are kept, the shells may not break.
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2 months is all I give paint, and that's if it's been stored in a cool climate

Remember, they still have to break on your opponent to get them out.

Anything longer than 2 months, I'll use for chrono'ing guns in the backyard, not to the field.

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Yup, pretty much agree with Mike there... I've had some I've stored for a while, in pristine conditions, humidity, and temp. I had my fair share of bounces that day. Some of the members here were on the other end of those pellets.

I didn't mind, I wasn't getting hit...

I'd say a season at most... i.e, if you bought in the spring you can use them in the fall, but wow, expect a lot of bounces.

Otherwise, practice paint, target shooting, chrono testing, etc, etc...
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If you're not sure, don't use it at the field.

Like Mike said, getting shot by bad paint isn't fun, just remember that.
Target practice is fine or if you feel like unloading on popcans
but remember that dented paint doesn't fly straight.
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Just use it as testing paint, that's what I do. I stopped trying to revive paint after a day of literally nothing but bounces.
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roll them around once and a while,they will round out!
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lol not only do they not break, they fly alittle funny, try shooting a pod of old monster balls that have been sitting in the back of a vehicle for a few years that you had to peel apart one by one. Dude, it looked like a swarm of angry butterflies shooting off in every direction besides at the tree i was aiming at.
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I have kept them for a year, they were in a cool, dark area, used them for tuning/timing my markers at the local field.
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I keep paint in a surplus ammo box on the top shelf of my closet. It's cool and dry in there, so I will use paint up to 6 months old, provided that it was good quality paint to begin with. The lesser quality the paint, the less time I give it.

I try not to bring 6 month old paint to a game, normally use it for target shooting or working on guns, but with stuff such as Diablo All-Star or Evil... whatever (good paint), I won't see any extra bounces.
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