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Getting out and playing regularly again will do alot for knocking the rust off. You'll get your feel for the guns back as well as your accuracy. You've been away for a while, its will come back though!
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Bore match isn't a simple fix with the markers I own right now, but the other points are well taken.

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Reliability, lighter weight, ability to use CO2, rarity (compared to most 'guns on the fields these days)...

Sounds like you need to contact Tunaman and get an Automag. Perhaps this would interest you...


With Tunaman, you can mix and match features. Instead of a Level X valve, get a Classic Valve on there. You will have a great 'gun and you can use Autococker threaded barrels so you will have plenty of choices.
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Originally Posted by randyshipp View Post
But that doesn't address the accuracy, consistency, and efficiency problems of the huge bore barrel....
You'd be surprised. Definitely would help with consistency, thus by extension, accuracy. Get out and play with it and I bet you'll see a difference already.

Originally Posted by randyshipp View Post
How do I fix that? Does this Freak back or something like that exist for the Phantom? And if it did (and the pump handle fits over it, etc., etc.) are you saying that good paint and a good match (at the back, not necessarily over the length of the barrel) should make things should very straight?....
Again, very straight is up to the paint. But an underbored barrel should improve your accuracy. You can have the barrel Freak Bored, you can look for a once-peice tight bore barrel(I think Lapco has a .681 in stock.) or you can look in to python or iFit. I only have experience with lapco barrels, of those choices, and I certainly wouldn't hesitate to use a lapco barrel and some detent rings.

Don't discount rolling your paint after you buy it. I know there's not a lot of time at the field when you buy your paint there. But I've seen fills seperate into two pretty different materials There is no way the ball has a symetrical weight in that condition. Roll the bag around and invert it as much as you can before podding up. You know, fondle your balls a bit I personally think that mixing up the fill makes a marked improvement. Maybe its in my head, though, I've never tested it

Oh, and consider picking up an open class body for your phantom. That way you can switch back as you pick up your skills.
What is your air setup?

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If you want ROF, accuracy and ease of use, go for an electro. For the price, the best is easily the Azodin Blitz if you want a new marker. Reason being is that they are just as fast as tournament guns, they have a regulator which is a must with fast guns, and they are sub-$200.

If you want an accurate, efficient and all-around fun gun, I'd look at the Azodin kaos-D. This gun is a mechanical gun, but it's regulated, fast, light and looks pretty sweet.

I suggest Azodin for sub-$300 guns, I've had nothing but great products from them.

Seeing you have a phantom, I'd just keep that and play with it. I'm 15 and shoot a phantom as my main(only) gun. Try running a MSC setup, you'll see better consistency. ROF shouldn't be something your relying on because if that luxury isn't available, your not going to do well.

Automags are pretty good cheap markers, but I'd still suggest the Azodin guns for cheap. Sear trippers are bulletproof reliable, dead simple and pretty quick.
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I used to have a bulk CO2 tank at home, fill station, scale, and three tanks. I ditched it all the first time I tried HPA. If you're used to a 20oz, Crossfire makes a 45/45 that when equipped with their non-shorty reg = almost identical size.

I know you don't want to break the bank and aren't stuck on pumps, but if you're looking for a pump that shoots lasers you'll need to spend some money. Best (cheapest) bet would be to pick up a used Azodin KP. You'll need a reg for it, and a barrel kit, and HPA. Get the best paint you can and it will shoot like guns that cost hundreds more.

When you want to shoot ropes, get a Mini. They can be had used for very little money, they are super light, and get the job done very well for the price point. Not everyone likes them, but I love mine. Yes, you'll need a half decent loader but a unit that will get the job done can be had on the cheap as well... think of all those Halos left behind when everyone switched to Rotors.

Both guns are Cocker threaded - and yes, Minis run HPA only - but then you'll have a two-gun platform which will meet your needs.

I got my Mini lightly used, with an Eggy, and an out-of-hydro 45/70 Crossfire, for $250CDN. That should be inexpensive enough to keep the wiff off your back!

good luck with it!

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Reading your list of wants, I'd say a Palmer's Blazer would be perfect. I've seen nice used ones in the $300-400 range.
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If it were me, I'd just get a Spyder of some sort. I own a Classic, a 2004 Xtra, and two Special Editions, one of which I've owned for the past decade and have yet to even replace an O-ring... I can't say that all Spyders are like that, but I've never had any serious problems. And stacked tube blowbacks in general are incredibly easy to work on if you do have any problems. I have probably 10 stacked tube blowbacks, and they all work great.

Another option is the Extreme Rage ER3 (new model PMI Piranha) or something from Azodin.
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I would suggest a mag - but if you want to be odd - then certainly check out the Epic Ice. I picked one up this fall and the thing is super fun to play with. It's tiny, super light and shoots great. It's a mech and obviously not as fast as any of the modern electros - but they do shoot really nicely.

I gaurantee that no one else is going to show up at the field with one. I've only seen two in more than a decade of play - and one of those is the one I own.

I'll echo the crowd - it's the paint. There's nothing on your gun that can effect accuracy more than the quality of your paint. A clean barrel is important - but that's just a base line for every setup. Paint is the one thing you can do on every gun, every barrel and every air source to get better accuracy.
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