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Actually, in my experience, the nickel...especially the Classic polished look, really works well in the woods. If not in direct sunlight, anyhow. It kind of works like the Predator's light bending camo from the movies. It reflects everything around it to look very "woodsy". The flat nickel finish works as well, but the polished finish is really good. Of course, in direct sunlight, it reflects and is easy to see. I am talking about in the deep semi-lit woods.
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I've never had my position given away by a nickel finish, at least as far as I'm aware of.

What about just getting the marker converted into a Stroker?

Another consideration is getting a 7/8 elbow sleeve installed. That way you don't have to use the harder to find 1" elbows.
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RVA and Tune up would be on how it shoots, you could have him put in a new bolt, quick strip that bolt, put on a trigger shoe, get it AT if it isn't already, add wedgits and detents, all kinds of things. Ghost rings and the mounting rails. A new custom pump arm. :3 You name it, they'll try it.


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I'd skip the new bolt since it already has the speed demon and a PPS bolt isn't going to be any better unless the old bolt is damaged or worn out.

A quick strip slot (not bolt) comes in handy, but is easy to do yourself.

I'd opt for a performance tune, wedgits and a detent at least. Those will be your biggest performance gains.

I believe the performance tune involves some hot work, so it can mar the finish. The standard PPS matte nickel is the most durable finish readily avaialble for these markers and looks great. It doesn't really stand out in the woods either. But, if you are aren't into bling, its really not necessary. Also, if you do decide to get the marker refinished make sure you get everything you might ever want done first. You can get more work done later, but anything that adds heat or cuts into the metal could ruin that spiffy finish you paid for.
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I find that when i ship a gun, both Fedex and UPS list a paintball gun as a TOY. So, i always say that i am shipping a mechanical toy. Maybe that helps?
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