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bringing a paintball marker to the US? (from europe)

Hey everyone,

I was an exchange student in the us back in 07/08, played a lot of paintball during the year ..

anyways, this summer im coming back to visit my hostparents and friends and of course I wanna play paintball again, so I plan on bringing the marker I bought when I was an exchange student.

Can I just put it in my main luggage and unpack it in the states, or are there any special things I need to take care of?

Do you need a permission to import a paintball marker into the us?



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Wich country are you flying in from?

I've been flying sweden->usa many times and there are no restrictions or requirements that i have encountered.
If you bring your tank you have to remove the reg/valve before so they can se inside the bottle.
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Technically you would be fine - but sometimes customs can cause problems. I would ship it before you left.
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Originally Posted by brycelarson View Post
Technically you would be fine - but sometimes customs can cause problems. I would ship it before you left.
Shipping can take a while, depending on country. I bought an autococker from the UK and the seller shipped on 3/12. It just got here yesterday. I'm picking it up from the post office today in a few hours.
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Im flying from switzerland.

Maybe I should add, its not a space gun type marker but an A5 with the complete metadyne industries M4 kit (shroud, mag, stock), reddot sight, hammerhead barrel, with a conlee customs camoflage duro coat, so it might look pretty dangerous / real to someone who doesnt know much about paintball / guns..

.. but as long as its not illegal I think im good. thats the most important thing, I didnt wanna just pack it and then learn at the us customs that bringing in a marker is considered illegal weapons import (cause thats how it is in switzerland )
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If it is considered illegal weapons import in Switzerland, are you going to have a problem when you go back? (That is assuming you are returning to Switzerland).
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I don't know. Putting something in your luggage that easily could be mistaken for a real weapon sounds like a prelude to getting a full body cavity search at some point. I think I would just see if you can borrow one when you get here.
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Do yourself a favor and call your airline... They SHOULD be able to give you the heads up for everything
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I would remove the shroud and stock for the flight. Also if you have the stock end cap I would put that back on. When you get to your destination then you can put the goodies back on.
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hhhhmmmm possible cavity search....? ....or getting to use your own A5....? what type of gun was that again..... Seriously, unless you and that A5 are sharing a kidney, I would think about NOT causing more problems with your luggage and see about borrowing/renting a gun in the US. Not to bash your A5, but unless it was an extremely special gun, I would think about finding ways to make nice with the TSA. I shouldn't be so discouraging: do some real research into the regulations for markers, the airlines, and the countries you are flying into and out of. You may only have to make a declaration/fill out a form and you may be free and clear. Better to spend some time making things official than spending quality time in a windowless room, bent over a metal table with a nitrile-glove clad TSA agent.
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