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Dumb question about painting masks

So I am interested in spray painting my sly profits. My question is, are there any physical dangers to this? Obviously I would let my mask dry for several days, but if I am playing on a hot day and the moisture from breathing gets the paint wet, do I have a risk of inhaling any fumes and or particles from spraypaint? Cigarettes already do a number to my lungs and I don't want to increase that number.

Thanks for reading/replying
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As long as it is dried and the paint is applied properly I doubt you would have any issues with inhaling toxic fumes.
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In triple digit heat, such as we have in the pleasant 115* Texas summer, the paint my smell slightly, varying with how well it is cured. Toxicity will be nominal (not significant enough to convincingly indicate a causal link). Links between toxicity and cancer are more like playing craps than the direct link between virus or bacteria-->disease or syndrome. All of us are just playing the odds: the more times we do things like smoke/expose ourselves to toxins/ionizing radiation, etc. the more times we role the dice on getting cancer. This is all influenced by our environment, our general health, our diet and our genetic pre dispositions.
TL;DR: don't worry about it too much, small potatoes.
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thanks for the enlightening posts
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What color are they now? If they are white, you can actually dye them in rit dye. Lots of guys buy white goggles and dye them to match... Markers, jerseys etc etc.

Some vids on youtube too. Check em out.
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Use dye that was mentioned in the other post. Paint will not stick to most plastics even with the proper chemicals. Plastic has a release agent in it to help it be removed from the molds fast at the production level that chemical stays in the plastic which will not let new paint stick to it. I am a autobody painter and I test sprayed a small piece of a new empire e-vent and could not get it to stick. Hope ths helps.
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^ This is half true.

The other half is that you can bake the mold release agent off of the parts, or remove it chemically. And then paint will stick without too much trouble. (Flexible paint!)

One other thing: Make sure you hold the can well away from the mask. The propellant is actually caustic.
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That is true about baking out the release agent like alpha434 said. But without a proper refinish baking oven most people would have to use a kitchen oven. You would get a plastic pancake and need a new oven. These masks are colour injected plastic with hydro graphing on them. It is a totally different substrate to apply a new finish to.Remember once you put paint on it does not come off as easy as it went on.
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I am assuming you are painting the hard parts of the mask.
Prep the mask with Scotch-brite to give the paint a tooth. Then clean it very well with a degreaser like this : Pre Painting Prep Aerosol 11 oz - Grease Remover - Dirt Removal - Eastwood Paint. Krylon makes a plastic paint called Fusion, which is easy to use. I airbrushed on top of the Fusion with good results.


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You can use a kitchen oven just the same. Temperature is temperature. I treat i4s for 24 hours at 200 degrees. I use a convection oven that I got from a thrift store. Don't let it touch the sides!

The proof is in the pudding. There are a lot of people who make it work.

And even if your cool mask only lasts 2 seasons... Most people update or upgrade by then. I have some Hydrodripped i4's that I haven't worn in two years... Still in perfect condition. Used to be my primary mask.

I've been running reVents for the last 2 years. And I'll be updating to E-reVents when this season ends. Paint will last that long without too much problem.

Additionally, I once had a lot of success with silicon based paints. They're expensive, but they bond solidly. And they're more flexible than the substrate, when it comes to masks. That's where chips generate.

Also. Pillage's masks are sexy as hell. We should start a custom mask thread sticky in the custom section.
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