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Yes, that is a joke ---->
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I wear some running/jogging socks, no idea what brand but they are labeled for right and left. I don't wear cleats so that may be why they have lasted for a few years.
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I just bought some addidas sports socks from khols. They're a little expensive ($14 for 3 pairs) but WOW, I can't believe how comfortable they are. They are well vented and will also wick moisture away.
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Smartwool makes athletic socks. They are top notch.
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I wrap my ankel with sport wrap, then put on a pair of new balance ankel socks, works well for me...granted i usually am playing in boots too.
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White hanes with grey toe and heel. one pair only and I play all day. Let your feet get beat up and toughen up Then it's just one pair of socks, thru the mud,creeks and swamps with out a worry

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Keen asymmetrical socks. Left and right for each foot. I have the hiking ones too.

Keen Asymmetrical Cycling Socks

They come in left/right socks. Got them as a gift - I don't ride bicycles, but my GOD they are the most comfortable, non-rubbing/chafing socks I've ever put on.

The left/right thing is genius.

(I'm a a chef - I spend 16 hours a day, sometimes 7 days a week on my feet, walking, jogging, running. These are the best.)

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Thanks everyone for the recommendations - I'm going to start looking into a few of these. Keep them coming!

Edit: Donut? Ferreal?

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I can't believe nobody posted this thread
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No one is judge/jury/executioner here.
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I must have missed that memo


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