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Quality Manufacturers?

Hi all,

A little background first: I'm a veteran player returning to the sport after a hiatus (last played in 2005, started playing in 1997). I own a VM-68, Tippmann A5, Pro-Carbine and Phantom.

I've noticed that a lot of familiar manufacturers (WGP, SP, ADG) have gone the way of the dinosaur or have very limited exposure in this new age of electropneumatic wonder-guns. I've seen that a lot of new manufacturers have sprung up (Empire, GoG, Dangerous Power, Eclipse - not just E-cockers any more).

I'm looking at re-entering the sport with a new, middle of the road, whiz-bang, light-weight electro and want to know what companies to look at. In this up/down economy, I don't want to buy a gun and have the manufacturer fold a year down the line. I want a solidly produced gun with good fit and finish that isn't going to crap out after a single season. I want something durable and reliable that isn't a Tippmann.

I'd like to avoid specifics as far as gun models, but which manufacturers should be I be looking at and which should I be avoiding?
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Eclipse, Empire, Bob Long.
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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
Eclipse, Empire, Bob Long.
That's my vote.

While Empire often hits you as middle-of-the-road, their prices are appropriate.
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The Dangerous Power G3/G4 seem to have quite a few problems, in my experience. I own a G3, and I am very happy with it, but others seem to have no end of issues.


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Empire is fantastic with customer service, they'd get my vote for sure.
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For the money Empire Axe..The CS is great and sort of a lifetime warrenty..P.S. GOG in a nut shell is Smartparts..

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dude.. just drive the VM for the win.
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Originally Posted by woouulf View Post
For the money Empire Axe..The CS is great and sort of a lifetime warrenty..P.S. GOG in a nut shell is Smartparts..
^ This. The axe is an amazing marker that keeps up with the high end markers while costing half as much. Very nice shooting markers. Eclipse and bob long are great too, if you are willing to shell out the cash.
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Dangerous powers. Is garbage

Empire. Bob long. Macdev
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ehh, dye and eclipse doesn't change much a year. Plus their resale is horrible if you buy the newest model and plan to resale. I would try to stay away from them just because of that reason. There haven't been any huge jumps in technology in the past couple of years. I use an 06 Fep Quest and it keeps up fine with Luxes and Geos on the field. A good portion of paintball is player skill so don't worry so much about the gear, just get out there and have fun especially if your playing rec. I used a BE Stingray and my Tm11a pump the whole day yesterday at scenario when my quest went down and still had plenty of fun.
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