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multicam came?
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Originally Posted by Paint_that_ball View Post
multicam came?
I assume you're asking "multicam camo?"

If so, then yes, multicam is a great camo choice for any terrain. Camo in general can be useful if you wish to remain hidden from sight... But if you perfect your ninja flanking skills then you won't be in their line of sight in the first place! Hell, you could wear a giant bunny suit covered in Christmas lights as long as you're swift enough.
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You can play "fox and hound" with your friends. Four hunting for one. You shoot at one, run back. If they are following, stop at cover and shoot back. If not, loop and flank. The best is when you stake out a place that has cover and concealment, plus an exit, two or three times over. You shoot, bump, shoot. Dragging people around the woods can be very entertaining. Shoot early at first to try to channel them together.

If you are with the hunters, don't bunch up. Stay within earshot if not within sight of each other. When you get used to playing with your buddies, you'll have an idea of where they will be going, and you can play separated.

Good camo is just broken up colors that mostly match the environment (don't fret over the fashion). Motion will give you away regardless; move slow from cover to cover, shadows included. Sunlight makes your movement obvious and provides reflections on lots of stuff; a little shade cuts that down. You can see camo moving through brush, but it's hard to see it stationary in the brush. Always walk and listen like you are stalking. Keep your marker level so that the loader doesn't rattle as you line up a nice shot.
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Shoot at the guys on the other team. Don't get shot. a response you might expect when your entire original post is

Originally Posted by Paint_that_ball View Post

Try being a little more descriptive in your postings--a little elaboration goes a lonnnng way

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Angles are a big thing, popping in and out of cover is always good at distance, but when you're in a CQB environment anything that increases your odds of surviving is a bonus. Engagements are normally over in a second or two (less if the reactions are there), so if you can get the drop on somebody from even slightly off centre, you improve your chances of getting off that first shot.

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Move, move often, don't be seen while moving. Pick your shots. Learn the difference between cover and concealment and how to use each effectively.
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i play woods ball a lot so here are some of my strategies.

1) communicate and organize your team; before the game starts ask "who is going where? and how far?" - this prevents 6 people ending up in one bunker and interfering with each other.

2) MOVE A LOT, the more time you spend in one place, the more time you give your opponents time to flank you/surround you/bunker you

3)learn to shoot with both hands, popping out the right side of your bunker every time gives your opponents the chance to post up on you and take you out.

4) i stay away from 3 or 4 walled bunkers, i find that they limit my vision too much and it becomes easy for the enemy to surround it and bunker you. Look for pits, walls, sometimes mesh, thick trees... etc

5)Dark colours help if your the kind of guy who likes to sit in bushes but otherwise its not much use.

6)If you plan on playing woods-ball a lot you should think about investing in at least good knee pads and elbow pads. taking a knee into a sharp rock will ruin your month.

7) try to be invisible if they don't know where you are then you will have a huge advantage and be able to post up on them. for example sit behind a wall take a few shots, as they go into their bunker move to a new spot. If they did not see you they will still think you are where you used to be giving you a chance to line up a good shot
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To sum what everybody said.
Move frequently, quickly, and with great stealth.
Take shots that you know you can make, from angles that give you the advantage.
Use Camo to you advantage, stay concealed.
Try to engage on your terms.
Get the proper kit (knee pads made a huge change in my play style)
Be able to shoot with your left and you right hand (super important)
Have buddies that you communicate well with (I usually role small in a group of three, but I move a lot)
I don't think anybody has said this but: PLAY AS MUCH AS YOU CAN
I have a buddy who shoots a 15 dollar spyder clone and plays every week. With in 2 months has was one of the best players on the field. Practice is essential!
Oh and remember to have fun, sometimes bum rushing the enemy is the best choice
Good luck, gog some guys!
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If you don't already have them get goggles that are olive drab green. People really look for black so olive drab can help.
The human eye sees movement first, then shape, then color. Try to look around just using your eyes and move your head as little as possible.
Don't get tunnel vision. You should look ALL THE WAY AROUND YOU at least every 10 seconds. Even more if you know there's opfor nearby.
Don't just drain a hopper at everything that moves. I know this is how alot of people play now days but it's not skill. I've always thought that the better you are the less paint you will go through in a game.
Learn how to make paint grenades and use them. After a while you will get really good at using them. I can drop a grenade pretty much anywhere I want one. Usually the first person I hit with one is the guy that thinks grenades are useless. lol.
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just have fun, keep playing, and dont forget the beer..haha
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