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lets settle down the hate, I like the bend sensor gentle force feed as a platform for a electric hopper.

The pinokio is a Quick loader 30+ that is easy to clean with very low matinence and has lifetime Warrenty shells.

The fasta Is based off of the pinokio and also does a nice job, but is more difficult to clean. the 18v runs the same speed as the pinokio, the 9v is supposed to get 20bps on a fresh battery.

Tippmann's ssl-200 is the same fundamental desighn but is a 9v model and should get 20bps or below.
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My Primo is okay at best. On both my eNMEy and Tribal I can only get 3 or 4 shots before having to shake. I will probably only use it on my pumps from now on.
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I run a primo on mine and it never misses a beat....

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I suppose for $20 less than the Pinokio I should also consider the Invert Too...?
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No. Invert Too is just like an old halo and is a worse hopper in every way than the pinokio besides style.

Don't buy a new loader.

Get a used Prophecy for 60-70
Used Prophecy Z2 for 90-110
Used Rotor for 90-110
Used Pinokio for ??

If Pinokio and Prophecy are the same price get the Prophecy. No reason to buy a "new" lesser loader. It will only be new until you open up the box.
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I run a Revvy.. So my vote would be a electronic one... out shot my sportshot and primo easly without trying.
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Used rotor all the way.
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Originally Posted by henchman View Post
Used rotor all the way.
truth. if you are going to consider an electric hopper don't bother with anything but a rotor.
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The rotor is hard to beat. But I have tried the z2 and between the two I have hard time deciding which I like more. OP if your looking for a new hopper under $100 go with the scion. It is a z2 in a halo shell.
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My Primo keeps up with my single trigger, mechanical Automag pretty well. Expect it to feed 4-6 bps without much or any trouble but I wouldn't plan on any sustained high ROF action from it. The Primo is built like a tank...the plastic body feels insanely strong. The only downfall is that on mine, the lid comes open too easily.

For $30 or so, you can pick up one of the new Revolution hoppers that are available. Early reports are that they are made pretty strong and that old electronics can drop right in the new shells if the need arises.
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