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Originally Posted by MonkeyTX View Post
I say I want a woodsball gun because the games I go to are long scenario events where I'm playing all day. So I'd like a foregrip or the ability to attach a sling.
I don't really care about "tacticool stuff". It's why I'd want a purpose built marker so I am not trying to get rails on a 98c to fit my feed system(more about that below)

I plan to be more of a scout/runner so maybe a pump wouldn't be bad but I would like something with semi-auto capability at some point. I know I'm going to run into a group some day and want to get off more then a shot before they all open fire on me.

All and all I'd say my budget is a firm $1000 dollars. I'd like to keep it under that of course but if that's what it costs then that's what it costs.
Wasnt trying to be argumentative, just puzzles me when people specify one marker over another as "woodsball". IMO, any marker can be used in any type of game. Now using a pump against a bunch of electros in a speedball game might not be considered the best choice, but I don't see the difference between using an Ego in a scenario game over using say an SP1. With that said, you specifying that you want to be more of a scout/runner and wanting something that will accept a gunstrap/sling makes more sense as you probably do want something with rails or sling point attachments. Most markers have foregrips, so not getting that part, but moving on.

I would probably agree on the TMxx and SP1's. All are fairly light and easily slingable. Couple them with a small HPA tank and you can have a very light capable setup. If you are wanting to stay away from electros, I still have to suggest an Automag. You can get a nice Tac1 for $4-500 used. Exceedingly durable. Only downside is they are not the most efficient, so you would probably find yourself needing a larget tank then the choices above.

I sweat quite a bit, so I am a fan of fans for masks. I have a pair of Profilers that I installed a couple of FANZ fans on and neve had a fogging issue. Not sure how they do with glasses though, I personally would find a shop to go to and try some masks on with your glasses to see which works best for you.
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For under a grand there are a number of "mil-sim" directions to go.
$100 for a mask (I also wear glasses/contacts as the mood strikes me)
SLY ProFit or Dye i3 PRO
>$200 for a Q loader setup - can include harness to carry the pods
>$200 for a vest - need long closure tabs for Qpods (spec ops vests work)
>$200 for a tank/remote setup
>$300 for a something like this(not my sales)Pink Light Specials! BT TM-15 LE
or not directly Qloader compatible
or Tiberius Arms T9.1 Ranger FS First Strike new at $350
or with a vest price dropped to $300
just look around the BST here ... if you are looking at a smaller compact "recon" style setup get some ideas and then bounce them off people here as opposed to being "open to anything help me" mode

Personally for me
T9.1 Ranger (new at $350)
- 24oz CO2($30)
- run on a remote with QD check and line cover in camo/color choice($30)
- 200 round T9 Q loader kit ($200) will include a "harness" usable with the tank on remote or for even less weight/encumbrance the extra q pod attached and the remote tank on a battle belt/H-harness in camo/color choice ($50-100)
- Sly ProFit ($100-150 depending on lens and color choices) camo choice/HD(yellow)lens with goggle skins in camo choice
- and Valken V-Tac Pants Shirt in camo choice ($100-200) depending on exactly what you wanted

- Footwear ($100) hopefully you already have some if not then there are a number of options for decent lightweight combat styled footwear out there (look into Converse personally decent price and they fit/wear well out of the box)
But depending on options would put you over your grand in total


Originally Posted by CCMachinist View Post
When I started doing shells for my revolvers the apparent thing i noticed was the hole size in the cartridge controlled the velocity of my paint.
TL;DR hole size controls how fast balls get spent

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Do you have a volume of paint that you are interested in shooting?

Many of the new semis are pretty efficient, and if you run light or shoot a pump later, a 45/4500 is nice to have. 68s are fine if you need the volume for number of rounds / efficiency or poor fills (3k). If you don't need the volume, the 45 is nice for lighter play.
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I'd like to bring this back around to the SP1 idea. You say the only thing holding you back is not finding a stock? There are Rap4 & Trinity stocks still available for the SP1. I've also seen an adaptor that allows for any Tippmann 98 Custom stock as well. It can even be turned into a mech if you want. Check out the mech ion kits in the Dealers BST section. I think they've hashed out the details for vibe/sp1 kits. $130 is hard to pass up, and it will fit your preferences perfectly.

SP1 can take co2 or hpa, which is nice for whichever gas source you decide on. If you choose co2 and DON'T run a remote line, get the tank anti-siphoned.

VForce Profiler (and the Grill, sort of) fit the best over glasses in my experience. I've tried I3 Pros, Proflexes, & E-Vents with glasses, and the lenses of all of them touched my frames enough to notice. Profiler did not - cutouts in the foam provided space for the arms, and the lens bubbles out to lend clearance for the frames. May want to pick up a dual-pane lens for the Profiler, though. I hated the single layer thermal-treated ones they came with. I wear contacts exclusively when playing now, so i've been addicted to Proflexes for a while.

No experience with vests.

I owned a qloader briefly, but never used in-game. Looks like they've provided many more adapters for various guns, which is nice since they provided none of that when i had mine. Although, the SP1 mod kit looks like it just allows a direct mount onto the SP1's neck, which kinda defeats the purpose of being "hopper-less." Main reason i got rid of it is because pre-loading the special pods was a pain for only holding 100 balls each, they were expensive, and some packs couldn't hold them cuz they're fatter.
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My opinion-

1. Get a quality mask, v-force profiler, JT flex 7/8, Dye i4, the new empire is nice also but make sure to get a dual pane lens if you go with the profiler and if you have the extra money get a fan kit for it. You may only need to use the fans ever so often but from my experience in long scenario games the fans are invaluable and will keep you in the game even if wearing glasses.
2. I used to go for the milsim style guns as did most of my team but now after using a variety of tippmans, TM 7/15's and other milsimish guns and then switching to a space gun style its a world of difference. Speedball guns are lighter, are easier to maintain, and you can get a good quality one for a few hundred. Some speedball guns do allow for adding a sling adapter and stock. The AGD tac one would be a good pick as it has some pictinny rails to add stuff but keeps the function of a speedball marker, and its mech so no need to worry about batteries for the long games.
3. Go with HPA only if thats an option. You will get better consistency and more shots per fill. A 68/4500 or 45/4500 are good options and if you want a lighter set up run a remote line.
4. Valken makes a good vest called the echo. It holds 9 pods, has a space for adding a tank pouch, has some molle on the front straps for a radio and whatever and has a good waist attachemnt that provides good back support.
5. For scenario/milsim games look into a radio. I use a midland with a press to talk and agent style ear bud (clear coiled, forget the actual name).

6. If you end up leaning towards pump (which is a great idea IMHO) id go with a ccm, empire sniper or phantom. All will do the trick but the ccm is by far the best for pump stroke. You can't do semi with it but most can get 6-7 bps with one. Bonuses of a pump are no batteries, dont 'need' a electro hopper, they are light and are easy to fix.

7. Ive never used a q-loader but when i brought it up to my team they strongly urged me not to. From what ive heard they are a pain to load and can have issues with working properly. If your going to do long scenario games a 200 round hopper will give you less reloads and pods are way easier to load up with. I know getting rid of the hopper sticking up on your gun my be a goal of yours but you need to find out of its worth the extra hassel of the q-loader. If having a low profile gun is important look into magfed guns like milsig or tiberius. Your rate of fire and ammo will be greatly reduced but it will come down to your play style.
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Craigslist find. Has several woodsball marker at fair prices an everything else to make a starter kit for play. I agree with the tm7 its good tactical an if ya jump into some rec ply can still keep up a good fire fight. Paintball Gear-Huge Selection
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