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does drinking beer while watching movies count as a "drill"?

I try to keep it pretty low-key. I'm very serious on the field, but don't play much for tourneys. I do however spend lots of time on my gear. If I've got extra time I'll normally have one marker or another in pieces. This has saved my game day (as well as others) when I had an intimate knowledge of a marker and was able to diagnose and fix it quickly.
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Originally Posted by brycelarson View Post
does drinking beer while watching movies count as a "drill"?
Of course it does! You're building up those arm muscles by doing 12oz curls. Just make sure you do a lot of reps, since the weight decreases on each curl.


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If it has tits or tires its gonna cause trouble.

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I like to do circuit bunkering drills with my pump, along with general snapshooting practice against stationary targets.

For the former, I'll set out lawn chairs in a sort of speedball format and put old paint boxes behind them. Then I'll practice sprinting to a point, sliding, popping up, snap at a target, then take off and bunker all the boxes. It's tiring, but it's cheap on paint and air. And it helps, but only if you can push yourself. It's easy to get lazy when you're shooting at things that don't shoot back.
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I didn't catch where the cones came into the picture.... :?
Have played it a couple of times and it's one of the greatest measures of experience. As you say holding out for >10 mins means you're facing good players (or 8 players with equipment failure )
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If you want to be good at anything you need to practice.
When I have a team, I like to practice once a week. Its hard to practice more then that as a team. Some keys for paintball and being in shape. If you want to play Xball you need to in really good shape. Then theres paintball aspect you need to know. Running and Gunning,Snap shooting, Bunkering, How to slide, then an all around awareness of the game.
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I only get to play a few times a year now, so I don't get out to a field to practice much. I also have a tendency to acquire many more guns than I can reasonable use and take things to the field that I've never played with before. This has, in the past, led to some frustrating days because I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn and missed easy shots.

I've found that I can overcome most of that with a few easy (and enjoyable to me) steps. In the week or two before I take a new gun out on the field, I hold it around the house all the time. I practice snapping it into firing position and pulling the trigger while watching TV, I hold it while I cruise the internet and just learn how and where it sits in both hands naturally, and I spend 5 minutes or so each evening snapping aroung the corner on my bathroom mirror to get used to the profile, and how I clear bunkers with the new gun. Then, once I'm at the field and after I've chronoed, I spend AT LEAST 20 balls shooting at single targets one ball at a time. I initially shoot bigger things that are closer until I hit every time, then I move further out until I know my effective range that day. I'll then move from single aimed shots to bringing the gun to my shoulder and shooting one ball quickly 5-6 times, or until I get 3 hits in a row.

I've found that when I do those things, I don't have to worry about accuracy or about how my gun feels in hand and I can focus on playing.

That being said, the roots of my practice go much further back, with drills my friends and I used to play years ago:
1. One shot challenge: No hoppers, one ball at a time, you walk the field and call a shot ("Shoot through the hole in the wooden barricade") If you make the shot, the other person has to follow, if not, they pick the shot.
2. HORSE -same as above, but with the rules of the basketball game. If someone makes a called shot and your paintball doesn't hit the same spot, you get a letter (hit=your paint splat overlaps his).
3. the guantlet: one person sets up facing a series of bunkers with gun in hand. The other is not armed, but runs between barricades attempting to get across the field without being hit. Great practice for hitting a running target or people moving between bunkers.
4. Lots of 1 vs 1 speedball or woods games
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Chile eh ? Where abouts in Chile are you from ?
Any tips on where to get the best yerba mate ?
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Originally Posted by Phantom Power View Post
Any tips on where to get the best yerba mate ?
Have a Grateful Day!

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I sometimes Practice Snap-shooting in my mirror (Make sure only my mask and gun are visible) If i am at my country house, I put cans of Cola and take snap shots from 20-75 feet away and try to hit the first 2 with 10 paintballs. for the other two, I try to nail both with 4 paintballs. I also practice moving from tree to tree and shooting while running. I try to get one of 3 cans with atleast 5 paintballs. (I run around to atleast 4 different angles)
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I think that's an ugly chick in there TBH. She's probably a feminist who thinks showing off a giant cooch is empowering.
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Originally Posted by JOESPUD27 View Post
Thank you Thumper. Do you have any other drills that you run? Jay
disclaimer : all this stuff im postering is re: woodsball / scenario ball teambuilding -- nothing to do w/ tournament or speedball.


drills to teach the fundamentals:

Originally Posted by PDJ View Post
I didn't catch where the cones came into the picture.... :?
we normally play no time limit, no boundaries -- cones act as flags to keep the players focused in a reasonable area.

another really fun game that teaches a bit about shooting -- put 3 cones 50 feet apart in a straight line. red team starts 100 feet to one side, blue 100 ft to the other - even teams - no boundaries - no time limit. endless spawn back where you started. goal: steal the cones & return to your spawn. here is the catch: do this in a big, open, flat field with NO cover. It is a nice shooting & dodging drill and a ton of fun. we call it - Marbles.. (cause it takes a pair to win)
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