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Snapshooting, gunfighting, breakouts, running and gunning, holding a lane when you're shot at, sliding, 1 ball check-in, 1on1's, off the break shooting, playing different bunkers (snake, dorito, standup can etc.), lots of different "in game situation" drills, powerplays
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5 days a week I am at the gym 5:30 am- 6:45 am and 3:45 pm- 5:00 pm
I have a reball setup in my basement
the team has a 5 man private practice airball field on a nice piece of lawn ( borrowed from a generous farmer) for runnning drills twice a week

I make the guys on the teams do homework (imaginary scenerios on nppl field layouts)

so the short answer is yup I practice
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Ya run gauntlets too. Set up cones behind3 different bunkers on the field(Two in sequence but make yourself switch hands, and one in a corner bunker). Run and bunker one, switch hands bunker another. Then shoot out the one in the corner. Run it as fast as you can.
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I tend to run 2-on-1 and 3-on-1 drills as you rarely find yourself in a one-on-one situation on the field. It's a great lesson for all involved. It keeps you from underestimating your opponent if you're in the greater numbers, and it teaches you how to cope with multiple targets on the defensive end of things.

We also practice "first grab" a lot as in local tournaments that can make or break your score. Getting someone up to the 50 fast and hard without getting tagged is a huge advantage not only tactically, but points wise if they can get the flag first.
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Originally Posted by pinesftw View Post
Hit up Web Dog Radio and go in the Tip Clips archives. Tyger (Creator of Web Dog) is a very nice guy, I exchanged couple of emails with him, Very friendly.
Already got all seasons + bonus downloaded on my iBook (and watched several times)
Just wondering what the feel for practice is.

Rob's philosophy is pretty solid, it's his experiments/demos that sometimes include too much bias...

Cheers, PDJ

On the yerba mate, you're right, it's more of an Argentine/Uruguay addiction (Still going strong down south, iirc got more caffeine than coffee )

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run for 30-90 mins with 5-10lb weights in each hand and weights on your ankles.

run 50yd sprints with your gear on. set up something on each end to act like a bunker and practice sliding in and posting as fast as you can.

work your chest and arms (push ups and pull ups are good) and then your quads.

also stretch out to stay flexible. (being flexible can save on your recovery time after a car accident too...)
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Some thing we did as a team was set up some soda cans full of water next to two opposing bunkers, then put a person in each bunker.....
The cans should be just below the persons elbow when they come out to shoot...
now, both players try to SNAP shoot the soda can, at the same time...
to get you used to aiming while being shot at..the pressure of incoming fire does wonders to some folks.

another drill we used to run was "end game", there is only 40 or 50 seconds on the clock, you are in a stalemate sitation (4 on 4 / 3 on 3) and nobody is giving up a set time..say 30 seconds..a bystander yells out a color (red/ blue), that is the team who must take the offensive and push like hell to close the excuses,

make sure people try new things, if they are normaly not comfortable running tape, put them on the tape...make sure they know what your tape runner feels...
put your frontman in the back and your back man in the front....this will help them to see what is needed from one another during an actual game.

Most important, remember its practice...allow failure and struggle during practice, expect more during an event.

Oh and never practice unless in full gear, pack and all pods...Practice how you play!
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Originally Posted by ilerman View Post
"Silence...I'll bunker you!"
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Awesome tips, Ive been trying to snap mirrors alot lately... Its just for giggles... but it helps get the motion down.
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I practice at a field with people who are at or above my skill level.
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If you want to play on a competitive level, I recommend practicing as much and as hard as you can. I think, personally, that paintball should be fun and not a "win or lose" type game. With that in mind, I believe EVERY player can benefit from a few simple things.

1. Carry your gun set up around. If your at your house, just keep it in your hands. Become familiar with how it points, train your muscle memory to know where your solid shooting platform is. Become comfortable with your set up. I think this is key, if you know your gun, you will work better with it.

2. After every game, take a minute to think about why you were eliminated or why you won. Think about what you need to do to improve. Work on the things you feel you are bad at.

3. Stay focused during games. Think about where every player is on the field. Think about places you could move, or key opponents that should be eliminated. Talk to you team!

4. Most importantly, be safe and have FUN! If you feel mad or frustrated, take a breather. You're playing a game with wining as a goal, but that doesn't mean if you lose a game that you have "failed". Stay positive and always be a good sport. HAVE FUN!

Just my $0.02


Originally Posted by Painthappy View Post
...So no, I don't have a paintball place named after myself because I have a huge head. It's named after me because paintball people showed up to my personal page and never left.
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