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Do you practice? (And how?)

Hi. A newbie from the other side of the world (not even considered in the regional subforums ). After a couple of months gleaning info - and enjoying the tone of the forums - I need to ask:

Do you train/practice/drill? And if so what and how (personal drills vs formal team drills, both, etc).

General "philosophical" answers are fine but literal examples are even better.


Quick background:
30 yo playing with friends ~1-2/mth. Mostly "junkyard woodsball" (it's all that's available around here)

Spyder MR2 *
Mutilated stock **
Remote (HPA or 20 oz CO2 depending on field availability)

* Handed over to be rescued by my teams captain, belongs(ed) to his brother who swears it is nothing but trouble. Cleaned it, stripped it, it works fine if you treat her alright
** Removed top bar of the stock with swiss army knife to allow sighting whilst wearing a mask. No problem with mil-sim as long as it doesn't interfere w/ function
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Generally only competitive teams and your competitive wannabes have regular practices. I'd personally rather keep the game fun rather than turn it into work.
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The only things I really practice would be walking the trigger with my left hand(bad hand, barely pull 6bps) and snap shooting. Usually I just play though.
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The only practice I do is using my mirror to practice snap shooting for a few minutes every night if I have time, and pumping with both hands while watching the odd movie by myself. I sometimes practice shooting while on the field in between games or during slow times.

I agree with keeping it fun, but I like to push myself.
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We drill, scrimmage, travel to scrimmage, play against electro's (Pump) and generally just play a lot.

You have to have a method to get better. Generally though, playing people (and watching) that are better than you will give you a head start.

I would recommend watching and doing what is in Dynasty's Disected video.

Pumpenstein - NSA National Champions

TF's MCB Trust.
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When I had a forest out back I would walk through and pick out limbs knots etc. and shoot at them. Some times I would work on getting angles of cover and coming out for a shot then going back into cover, other times I would do run by shots, and still others I would do a run up, kneel, shoot scenario. The key element was always hitting in one shot (a pump doesn't usually lend it's self to getting a second try) and getting out of the firing position as soon as the ball left the gun. I generally focused on reasonable ranges that my KP's barrel would be assured a hit if I aimed properly as that is the only time I really pull the trigger on the field anyway (no pot shots/long range lobs, there are usually semi automatic players that are all too willing to fill that role when I play). About 40 yards is the farthest I shoot out to. Now I live in the middle of downtown Milwaukee (~600,000 people) and I think I would get into some serious trouble even holding one of my guns on the street so I run through the actions of pumping/reloading and do dry fire runs in the apartment.

If I got to play more often I would probably not practice as much but as it stands, I usually only get to play with the guns when I practice.
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Almost only counts in horseshoes in handgrenades....
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I run around my house holding my gun all setup as if i was to play. Make sure the grips are good and uhmm, that it feels nice on my shoulder.

Thats why i use On Off ASA's

"I'll see it when I believe it"

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Anything that doesn't require paint or air I do when I'm bored. I would probably do some target practice if I didn't have people living around me.

Just holding an aiming the marker is fun to do when bored. It helps to just get the feel of it.
"I've never lost a single game of paintball because I've always had the most fun."
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Section8 of SC practices 1-2 / mo. We merge goals into rec play - woodsball / outlaw style.

The drills are typically 3 on 8 with endless spawn for the 8 and 1 spawn each for the 3. The 3 simply have to survive for as long as possible while relying each other. It builds teamwork and reliance. We use traffic cones for flags -- typically 4. The 8 try and steal the cones. While not a big part of the drill, the cones keep things concentrated in one area.

The guys who are the most rusty normally get volunteered to join the team of 3. If the 3 make any real errors, The veterans and I will play coach and pick apart any errors.

Swap it up and do it again.

single games have been known to last for 45 minutes with the right 3.

I'm working on a variation now where "the 8" get 30 rounds each and "the 3" get unlimited paint.

A note on outlaw: we have more reffing experience on our team than any commercial field in the area -- consequently our outlaw is considerably safer than one would normally associate with outlaw. and 2 : outlaw ball also means we don't have to stop all the time and wait on noobs and refs to get their act together. This tends to make our practices more concentrated so we can bale after 4-5 hours and go get some chow - and fellowship

Pump vs semi comments : these guys are so good with their pumps, that breaking out a semi is normally viewed as a form of wuss'in out. Semis never seem to impact the game (other than drawing fire), so its really not a consideration. As a result, we normally practice w/ a majority of pumps - and save paint money for big events and road trips.
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Thank you Thumper. Do you have any other drills that you run?

TF, do you have any drills that you could post?

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