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I ran one on my 2K1 C&C Angel for a while, and it gave the low profile....but the only real good marker to use it on was the Emag or XMag (can't remember which one) with the warp drive breach adapter so you didn't have this hose on the top of the marker.
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Originally Posted by Syko89 View Post
The halo reloader and the halo too are the ones that I have been using. Called "warpless"

Have built about 6 or 7 of them.
Seen them where they come out of the bottom and make a sharp turn up, but never out the top through the hopper. Got pics of the internal setup?
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I've used my Proph Z2 as a warpless hopper for a few games now and it works really well. I had to switch over to using 4 AAA batteries instead of AA's due to the modification internally, but it still works great - especially with the reprogramming. I love not having the weight of a warpfeed, but still getting the advantages of taking the hopper off the top of the gun.

There's a guy on here and on AO who has made a warpless Rotor by using parts from a box rotor. I haven't seen a shooting video, but the drop test (rise test?) looked very promising. That would be my ultimate goal, as the Rotor was always my favorite loader prior to going warpless.
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I still have 1 of my Angels setup this way. I also had a couple threads about making them from Halo Too's and B2's.

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someone Is still using warp feeds, they seem to sell quickly in the $50 to $70 range in good condition.
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