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Warp Feed, anyone use one?

So I used to use one 10-12 years ago and even then I was the rarity by even having one. Does anyone even use one anymore? I never used it on my Automag cus the weight just got to be so much. I normally put it on my Spyder with an etrigger. I have to say people where scared as hell of that gun with the warp set up on it. The look of it mostly I think.
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I got the same reaction with my Woodstalker Ion and it's Warp Feed. What seems to be growing more popular these days is simply using the forcefeed hoppers to push the paint up a hose and into the breach i.e. You get largely the same capability but without the size and weight of the Warp.
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Unfortunately all of you have played the one "speedball" game of paintball for so long you can't conceive of other ways to do this and hence any new ideas seem stupid.

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One of my best paintball friends usually takes his to scenarios, uses it for a spawn or two then says f*^& it and goes back to his pump mag or race gun.
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Used one for a good while. Definitely has a "WTF"-factor. Went away from it as I transitioned more toward tournament pump and semi.

It's great for what it was. Certainly had a time and a place. I can think of a few scenarios/projects where I may break it back out. But, for the most part I'm done with mine.
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I had one on my PMR for a while. Fun setup, I developed a technique for playing the tip of a dorito on the airball field with it. It was rather hilarious when one of the local agglets borrowed it and kept trying to switch hands with it.

For those not used to a warp, you don't switch hands, you just lean it over sharply to the left when playing out the left side of a bunker (for a right hand setup).

I took it off the PMR mostly because I don't use that gun very much anymore (just not a spool guy). I'm in the process of mounting it to my Alley Cat. You can flip the powerfeed upside down on those, makes a great spot to attach a warp hose.
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I have one installed on my z-grip automag to try out this year to see if i like everything compacted together. After a while the warpfeed will likely be moved on to my t68 pistol for further shenanigans.
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got one a while ago, but have yet to do more than shoot a few rounds in the garage. I have it on my niche framed left feed cocker. I expect I'll turn a few heads with it when I make it out to a field.
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ran one on my E Mag at Tuna Ball last year, I intend to use the warp X Mag this year
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i have a warped X mag, E Mag, RT Classic and classic Mag.
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