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reverse vs standard stock feed tubes (noob looking for input)

Background: So about 10-15 years ago I used to play a fair bit of woodsball (with crappy wal-mart pump markers, a bald and a talon i believe, but i digress...) with my friends. I was always fascinated with the CCI Phantom (especially stock class) after reading about it in an issue of APG but at that time, I was too young and broke to afford one of my own and, over time, college/work/life got in the way of my ability to play paintball, so I've been out of the game for a number of years.

Now that I have a real job, a bit of disposable income, and (due to reasons that are neither here nor there) recently found myself in a position that means I have plenty of free time on my hands, I've decided to get back into the game and get myself a Phantom like I always wanted. I'm probably going to start with an open class Phantom to ease myself back into things (still mainly/exclusively going to be playing woodsball) but would like to eventually transition to stock class, which finally brings me to my question...

So as the title of the thread indicates, I'm looking for advice/input from people who have tried both as to the pros and cons of both styles.

I apologize if this question is a commonly asked one, I've been digging around on here, pbnation, and techpb and haven't found much about reverse feed tubes other than in posts talking about making custom reverse feeds. I'm assuming that it probably mainly comes down to personal preference but if anyone who has used both could give me a bit of insight on how that feels compared the standard feed tube.

thanks in advance for any input anyone may have, it's much appreciated. i'm looking forward to getting back out there!
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If I'm using a stock of some sort, I like rock back. If not, I prefer rock forward.

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The beauty of the phantom is you can buy a stock class and a feed neck and just switch them when ever. My muscle memory tells me "Nelson rock forward, Sheridan rock back". Neither direction affects my game.
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I see one major reason for the reverse feed. If you are laying on the ground, it can be hard/impossible to rock forward. I play with a stock and discovered this problem while laying flat in a snake bunker.
Otherwise, it is easier to feed new paintballs from the back, and you may get shot in the tube of a reverse feed phantom. I don't like having my fingers so close to the business end of the phantom when reloading.

I would also recommend the L-stock when buying a phantom.
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I got the rock forward cemented in muscle memory. Never really had an issue getting it to load that way. Thats how I run it.
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The roots of this were found in design. Back in the very early eighties, 90% of fields were renting either NelSpots or PGP's. NelSpots had a plug in the back in which you could insert a 10 round tube and it would remain there due to the friction fit. The magazine tube was blocked above the feed port by a sex bolt, so you'd point the gun down to load a ball as you pumped the action.

The PGP on the other hand and a plug on the magazine tube that had to be replaced after loading. There was no provision to retain a 10 round tube without an aftermarket accessory, so you'd point the gun up as you pumped the action.

You'd go to either a PMI or a NSG field and be issued one of the franchisee's rental fleet, so you'd learn on this particular gun, eventually committing it to "muscle memory". Switching from a PGP to a NelSpot or vise-versa could really screw with your head.
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Thanks for the input everyone, I appreciate it. Follow up question, in the research I've been doing this evening since originally posting, I've come across the side breech stock tubes.

Do those also have the capability of being standard or reverse feed or is it limited to just one, and do those serve much of a purpose other than creating a smaller target/helping to increase the angle when leaning around a corner? Or is there another purpose to them other than just personal preference/feel that I'm just not seeing due to my noobness and lack or general knowledge on this topic.

Once again, thanks in advance and thanks again for the information you've been providing on standard vs reverse feed so far. Since I'm not used to either, I'm sure I could get used to either if it's mainly a matter of muscle memory. Just looking for as much input as possible before making this decision, I'm really having a difficult time deciding which sounds more appealing and I don't know any way I'd ever have the option to try both in a side by side testing.
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The feeds are 25bucks. You can use the same feed tube.
I have both. I prefer rock back 15 Rd tube.
Rock forward I use a 10.

Either way you don't have to move the marker that much to get your next ball.
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Thanks guys. And do you think starting open class and working into stock is probably the better way to go or should I just jump into the proverbial "deep end"? I could see it being argued either way. Anybody with any personal insight on that? Sorry to keep badgering you guys with questions, you've already been very gracious with your time
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Well... again and this is the beauty of a Phantom, your price point swapping from open class to stock class is pretty cheap. I personally would go straight into stock class. But I don't play open class pump.

I never saw the advantage I suppose, but I don't autotrigger.

It's strictly up to you.
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