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There are some great paintball players in Omaha. One group calls themselves "Bob White Paintball" and a woods ball team called the "Muddy Water Boys". You may want to find these groups on Facebook and ask some questions. Quite a few experienced players have loaner gear and enjoy introducing people to the sport.
If you get a chance in KC, go to Jaegers subsurface paintball!
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So I'm in Omaha and would not mind meeting up in person and letting you try out some of my gear. Maybe hit a day down at Mad Cow together. I'll send you a pm after I get home.
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Really awesome to get so much feed back! It never really occurred to me that I might not enjoy playing it, but now that I think about it that could happen (hopefully not Thanks again to all the wonderful advice!

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I have been to alot of fields that I just hate, the layout just sucks, but sometimes you have to suck it up and just play, id rather play a ****ty field then not play at all, plus if the field sucks it will force you out of your comfort zone and help you progress as a player, I can take a ****ty bunker and play the **** out of it, then again iv been playing 10 years and im a twig lol

Like others have said just go out and play a few times, if you hook up with other players that have loaner gear it will make your experience way more enjoyable, nothing is worse than having to rent gear, except maybe a tank thats the only thing id rent, then again I use 12 grams most of the time
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What are you looking to do? Try it out a few times? Then just rent. Try to get something better than a tippmann 98 to use rent though (by better, I do not mean 'because it looks like an m16 better, but more modern tech.)

To be honest.. just suck it and see. Just try not to go down the path of buying a cheap blowback marker and then modifying it. Increase your budget and get one that doesn't need it. So many players go down the route of adding all this crap to make their marker look nice (bodykits) that have no impact that making you happier thinking your gun is somehow better.

But honestly... the one thing that makes or breaks a paintball game is the mask. If you can't see it ruins your game. If you feel like you can't breathe, it ruins your game.

I would recommend what I have which is the Grill. I never had fogging in it, can't explain why not, just works (I have never put anti-fog on it) Every other mask needs fans. The Dye i4 is meant to be very good for anti-fog, but has a very narrow profile and if you have a bigger jawline, may not be suitable. It has to fit your face though, make sure there are no gaps in the foam (like on your cheek area).

Honestly, don't limit yourself to a style of play. Try speedball, woodsball, mag fed, pump, pistol. Take the benefits of each and make yourself a better player. Being a obnoxious a-hole thinking your style of play is the best serves no purpose and makes you a worse player because you can't see beyond for better tactics.

Other than that.. go out and play.

(I think a lot of us would really struggle to recommend what to do on start up because there are SOOOOOO many options).
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If you've never played before, then you definitely want to try it before you buy anything. If you have any friends who are interested in playing, try to get them to come along. Playing with people you know is always better than playing alone (but don't let that dissuade you from going solo if they don't want to come). But like others have said, you definitely want to rent or borrow first. It seems like playing with crappy rental gear is almost a rite of passage when getting started. If the paintball bug bites you after your first time out or so, then you'll want to invest in some gear of your own.

Check out your local pro-shop and ask questions. Get a feel for the different masks, markers, packs and so on. Don't worry about pants, jerseys and other clothes just yet. Just start with the basics. When choosing a gun, also consider your paint budget. If you can't afford to pay for a whole case of paint per weekend and you like to "rock & roll" the trigger, maybe that electronic marker isn't right for you. Then again, if you're a smaller guy, you may not be happy with a heavy mechanical setup. Also consider what kinds of air fills are available at your field. If you buy a setup from Dick's with a CO2 tank and your local field is HPA only, then it won't do you any good when you go to play.

If you're looking to buy new on a budget and you don't plan on spraying a lot of paint, something like a GOG Enmey would be a good choice. As for hoppers, something like a Proto Primo is a good inexpensive pick since it doesn't require batteries and it can keep up with rapid fire pretty well. When getting a tank, just forget CO2 and get an HPA tank. You can go cheap and get something like a 48/3000 tank or you can spring for something lighter and better like a Ninja 68/4500 if your budget allows. Masks are personal to the player. So see what fits you best. So long as it has a good thermal lens, you'll be happy. You'll also want something to carry paint onto the field, Again, see what you like and go for it.
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As far as the options just ask around and see if the experienced players will let you play a game or two with one of their markers, use as many as you can before you make a decision on a marker, many of use on here have gone through just about every style of marker before we finally decide or have been playing the game for ahwile so we know what we like, eventually if you play long enough a marker is a marker and is just a tool for your madness
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Originally Posted by The Flounder View Post
Where do you live? Find a well run rental field and try the sport. This will let you figure out how you like to play. From there you can work on types of equipment. Find a decent prod hop and try on every made they have until you find one that fits well and is comfortable. Expensive is not always better when it comes to masks. Proper fit and comfort is very important. Once you have a style of play and a mask you like then you can start shopping for a marker to buy. There is no need to rush into it. Rarely will you get back the money you spent on something so buying something you end up not liking is basically a waste of money.
just like he said or you could try to find when people of this board does outing together and you might be able find loner gun to use and they show in's and out and ropes. since will show right way and good time. when i use to hit local field near me i always brought extra guns to lone out and give people chance to try them out. since good way to get know someone and find friend or group to play with on team.
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Depending on the style of play you want to pursue is going to dictate a good amount of what you would want to use. As someone mentioned earlier, get the best mask you can with a thermal lens 1st and foremost, it makes or breaks your day for sure. Second, you might want to play a more cqb style with high rates of fire on smaller fields using hoppers and electros(speedball) or you might like semi auto types, pump/spring feed/stock class, or you might enjoy a sniper role or milsim/magfed style where you play mostly in the woods or urban building style areas.

As others have said if you have not yet played, poke around and ask as many questions as you can at pro shops and fields to get an idea of what you might like. See if your friends (hopefully) will tag along, makes it 10 times better if you actually synergize and work together, but also have fun with them. Best advice is that i wish i was given..don't take it too seriously at first, feel it out and see what you wanna get from it and go from there. best of luck and welcome to MCB and ball shootin!
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My best advice is don't be scared to ask anyone and everyone at a paintball field questions. There is nothing I love more than a new guy coming up to me and asking about my favorite past time. You might wind up spending more time hanging out and talking than actually playing and that's all part of paintball too.
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If the rest of our life is financially responsible, why not overspend on markers. If the rest of our life is a mess, it could be financially irresponsible to spend on markers.
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