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I wanna play!

A little over a year ago a friend asked me if I would build/mod him a pepperball marker for security purposes. I had been modifying air guns for years, mostly Crosman, and having lots of fun plinking and target shooting in my backyard, so I agreed. When he asked, I had already bought an ER2s from Wally World months before on a whim, shot the three tubes of paint, and threw it in the closet. Presumably never to be seen again. I've never known anyone that played paintball, or had any exposure at all to the game, so it didn't occur to me to look any further into it.

For a few weeks I did some research, joined MCB, and came up with what I thought would be a good platform for him, the TiPX, which is funny because I still don't own one to this day.

He ended going with real steel, but I ended up with a sick addiction to repairing and modifying paintball markers. And one year later I have about 50! lol So, I started with my ER2s, which is now dual air source, 12 gram or constant feed. It's a simple, but not a very cheap ($40) mod using the adapter from a Umarex Steel Storm BB gun and a couple of steel collars from Ace Hardware.

So here it is........I've never played Paintball.

I want to. But I couldn't up till now. I'm sure I'll be slow and no diving or anything like that, but I really want to play.

Rewind 2 years ago. I was in a motorcycle accident that ripped my ribs apart, among other things. It has been a long and painful recovery. During that recovery, I found comfort modifying my airguns. And when my interest was turned to markers, I found them to be a lot more fun to mess with, as well as in abundance.

I have everything I need to play, but I'll have to wait till after the new year due to my job. I'm 5 minutes from downtown San Diego and down for whatever, so let me know what's good

TL/DR motorcycle accident led me to modding markers, now I want to play

My ER2s and a vm68 family photo with the boat anchor at the bottom
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1. get a good mask. try them on in person. look at and ask other players about their masks if they look like you might like the mask. Your mask is the most important piece of equipment, and not just for safety reasons. If you can't see it, you can't hit it.

2. get a chest protector (???) if that is something you feel you need/want due to your previous injuries. Having had severe injuries myself, nothing will end your day quicker than re-aggravating an old injury--no matter how old it is/how well healed.

3. Find a field or an "out law" group near yourself, and well, sling paint. The most important purchases for a beginner are a good mask, paintballs, paintballs, paintballs, and a reliable marker. Remember that you can learn from every experience and win/lose/draw you will always win if you enjoy the experience. This can be the hardest part for newer players who are still learning to play, learning about themselves as players and dealing with the frustrations accompanied with equipment failure.
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Fan of EMR
Check the local section for your area. I know there are good MCB folks in your area that would live to have join them.

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Well, u seem to have the equipment side of things well in hand. So consider the tactical side of the game.
A. Bunkering - keeping arms and legs behind the shelter.
B. Snap shooting - pop out, take shots and pop back in.
C. Convering another player and advancing. This enables u to coordinate strategies and lead to a more satisfying day.
Read as much as you can find on these techniques and you'll find that the game gets more enjoyable...and you'll stay in play longer.

Hope this helps.
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Everyone has pretty much covered the main points. Definitely post up in the regional section. I'm in Orange County, but I do know we have a ton of excellent members in San Diego. As well as a few awesome parks in your area.

If it's at all possible, I always recommend to new players to try and get a bunch of friends, coworkers, and family together for a Private Game. Virtually everyone is on the same footing(New) and you don't normally have to worry too much about anyone getting lit up. To be cost effective, with most parks you'd want 15-25 people minimum for a private group.

Barring a private game, definitely try to jump in with some forum regulars.

Any particular style or form of play interest you most? What marker(s) are you looking most forward to shooting when you finally make it to the field?
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As you play, look at the cover that is easy for you to use. Some fields offer a lot of stand-up room where others are low. I would rather lay down, stand, squat, or sit over kneeling, even though my knees are good. At my home field, there are bunkers that I just don't bother with since I shoot better from others.

I've only played camp pendleton in that area. I can't think of a good brush/woods ball field. If you can find one, walking and stalking in the woods is a fading art but is still fun and keeps you moving. Pendleton has a "hut town" that is fairly tight; you don't have to run too much except for jumping lanes.

A big scenario game lets you pick your style throughout the day. I had to miss playing our two weekends of fall weather this year. I could have played in a lawn chair and been happy.
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Unless your first time out is at a pump day I'd say bring a semi auto out the first couple of games. Get a feel for how the games flow and all that before bringing out the pump.

Do you literally own almost 50 markers? (I can't tell if this is hyperbole or not sorry) If so, are any of them pump besides the ER2s? Not that an ER2 isn't fun, but that's one hell of a handicap to give yourself on your first time out.

If that ER2 is your only pump shoot me a PM sometime.

Just want to say too, that drop forward on the trigger guard is genius. I've been so busy trying to figure out where I was going to get one of those angled vert ASAs I didn't even think of something like that.
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Things I would like to purchase with American dollars:
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Thanks guys! So much good info. All very helpful.

I like the idea of walking n stalking in the woods, but still down for whatever. I'm definitely going to try and get a group from work/friends to go play too. I've noticed some of the SoCal folks posting and they seem like a good bunch. Hopefully we can join up

I do actually have a little over 50 markers nothing to spectacular, but some fun stuff in there. Including a Nelspot 007, some brass, a 32 degrees Model 98, a dam'd hammer 7, a nice hammer plus, a bunch of delta 68's, Tippmann's, and a rainbow of PT extremes lol I'm a sub100 sniper on the ole evil Bay. I try to pick up nice looking stuff that people say doesn't work or snipe error/bad photo listings.

Ya I don't think I'm ready to play pump yet. I'll definitely start with a semi and go from there.

The smart parts drop on the VM was surely a moment of clarity! Thanks Melvin! I have been wanting the OG vasa as well, figured it was to hard to find so I came up with that set up. The angle is pleasing and well balanced. I'll be sure to post more pics in the appropriate threads

Thanks again for all the help, Mike
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