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Harness/ pod pack questions!!!

Used to playing speedball, switched to a dfender and I have a remote line. My question is to you guys/gals is what is the best harness for a remote line and at least 4 downward facing pods? I currently have a 4+5 PE but trying to get one with a tank holder and it has to fit a 68/4500 tank too! Thanks!!

Also I really don't want to wear a vest. I swear like a whore in church and a vest isn't gonna be such a great idea lol
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Tippmann Sports Vest – This is in my view the lesser NXE light infantry vest which is what I use. The water bladder pocket has been removed. Otherwise I think its the same.

Valken Echo Vest – 6 pods, has a water bladder pocket but the tank holder is a separate purchase.

Both of these are more like backpacks than the atypical vest and maybe what your looking for.
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The Flurry Ultraback is a good pick. They're modular, meet your requirements and they're inexpensive.
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Thinking about picking up a dye assault harness on rockstar and attaching a few dye pod packs, anyone know where I can get a larger one than 1+2? There aren't any 2+3 or 3+4 hopping around here and I REALLY would like one or two of those. Please anyone let me know where to find them!
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Too much weight for just a harness in my opinion unless it has shoulder straps. Vests are much better for remote setups but do make you a little warmer. Ditch the remote, play pump, carry less paint.
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I would pick the Flurry pack as well, otherwise the Tippmann 4+1 may do the job as well.
I ran with the NXe 4+1 for a couple years, it was a decent cheap pack and got the job done.
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Recommending the BT merc vest and whatever attachments you need to make it work. It's mostly mesh so it's closer to adding molle to your body and it won't be super hot in comparison to the other stuff (plate carriers minus plates, which are still hot).

A good podpack with a tank pouch is non existent since they're all made for low end setups and have zero lumbar support. They don't put the money in to properly tighten it to your body like your high end PE podpack.

Did not like my Flurry Vest. You can't throw it in the laundry or the vest gets destroyed.
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Go with one of the BT vests. Great set ups and lightweight. I've tried many different ones and keep coming back to playing with my Merc vest.
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Originally Posted by JonM View Post
The Flurry Ultraback is a good pick. They're modular, meet your requirements and they're inexpensive.
Been using these for years now... Not because you can carry a bottle to the back but because they are comfortable and modular. I usually only carry 3 Dye locklids max because that's what i'll get out of a 45/4500 and i don't want to carry more weight.

Please note that these packs do not like to be machine washed... They stay functional, but the elastic on the sides to tighten it around your waist gets all ragged.
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