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I have an Ion with a variety of upgrades. I will sell it at a very competitive price, lower than what it is listed at now.
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I agree with the VS-1. If you are spending $100 on a gun, odds are you aren't shooting it with HPA.

Otherwise I suggest the Promaster. They're dirt cheap, although...the company is going under.
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HPA or CO2? If you're using High Pressure Air your choices are numerous. There are a lot of great markers around $200 right now. If you only have the option of CO2 then you will be limited to the Spyder line.

For HPA markers I would recommend an Ion, Epiphany or a Proto SLG. None of them is above $200. The Ion is a popular marker so there are lots of upgrades cheaply available and there are lots of owners so getting help with it is usally easy. They are pretty user friendly but taking them apart is a bit of a pain and can be problematic for a new player. Another Smart Parts gun that shares a lot of traits with the Ion is the Epiphany. They just recently dropped to $200 and they are like an Ion with a bunch of upgrades right out of the box. For the few dollars difference in price the Epiphany is a much better value than the Ion. I'm not a fan of Smart Parts but for someone trying to break into the electro scene it's hard not to mention their stuff.

The SLG is a pretty new gun so we really haven't seen what it can do and it's reliabilty/ease of repair yet. It is a simple design and seems like it will be a tank and very hard to mess up so it's probably a great gun for a new electro player. Proto makes pretty good stuff so it's probably a good buy for $200. The Proto Matrix Rail is another gun that's dropping to around $200. It's not as simple as the SLG and some of them have some o-ring eating problems but it's a solid marker for the money.

If $200 is your budget limit remember you will need an electronic loader to match the gun's high rate of fire so keep that in mind. Cheapest option for a loader is the VL Force at about $30. Next option is the VL Evlution 3 at around $50 to $60 and the absolute best loader on the market that is not a high end tourney loader is the VL Eye Force for around the same or a little more than the Evlution(I speak with experience, I've used on for about 3 cases of paint now and love it).

If you need a loader and an HPA system to go along with your marker and that all must be included in you budget I would strongly suggest watching Ebay and the BST threads on here and PBN. Lots of times you can pick up a complete package with an Ion, tank and loader for around $200 and many of them are in excellent condition.

The ICD guns are going super cheap right now and they are a tempting purchase because they are great guns for the money but ICD recently announced it's doors were closing. If you plan to keep whatever marker you buy for any amount of time, keep in mind that replacement parts may be hard to find or very expensive if you buy a closeout marker made by a company that is no longer in business.

In summary: If you have to use CO2 buy a Spyder. If you have to buy everything for $200 and that includes HPA and a loader you're probably still going to buy a Spyder unless you can find a used Ion with all the stuff in your price range. If you have to buy everything for $200 and want a new marker that uses HPA your other option is an ICD Promaster(the current new ebay price leaves plenty of money for tank and loader). The Promaster will be a much better marker than a similarly priced Spyder but keep in mind that long term ownership may be a tricky proposition.

As you can see by the amount I typed, getting into the electro scene is not as easy as picking up a mechanical blowback and heading out to play. The performance difference is huge but keep this in mind: Owning an electro is like dating a hot girl with expensive tastes; You can have a lot of fun but it's gonna cost you some money.
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ICD may be going out of business but Vapor Works is picking up their warranty service, I'd assume they will also be getting the remaining Promaster stock as well. It's still a valid consideration though.
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I just picked up a new ProMaster for $102 shipped to my door. These are very nice shooters......

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I'd highly recommend looking at a Diablo Wrath. They're very affordable and work great. I had one for awhile and loved it, but sold it as I'm not a big electro fan. They have great support on the PBN Diablo forum. Plus I think they're kinda cool looking.

Edit: they're supposedly co2-friendly. The reg is a Torpedo clone.
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Provided that you have a HPA tank, then go for a used DM4. Those markers are real workhorses, a bit bulky in size but it's not like youre going to need the smallest possible marker on earth, is it?

Theyre quiet, accurate, reliable and somewhat upgradeable, although just the stock marker will be more than enough for most (one of the best barrels, a locking feedneck, great reg, fully adjustable trigger, YEAH!)

Ok, it uses more air per shot that your averiage viking or excalibur or Ego or timmy but 1000+ shots out of a 68/4500 tank is plenty for anyone.
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Originally Posted by HurtCow View Post
I'd highly recommend looking at a Diablo Wrath. They're very affordable and work great. I had one for awhile and loved it, but sold it as I'm not a big electro fan. They have great support on the PBN Diablo forum. Plus I think they're kinda cool looking.

Edit: they're supposedly co2-friendly. The reg is a Torpedo clone.
Two of my team mates use Wraths and they love em. The one kid is like a curse to all paintball guns and his Wrath usually works fine. If he can use it, anyone can.

I've been debating a new marker for a while. I kinda like the Proto SLG's, and with the pricing how it is, I'm trying very hard not to open my wallet until I've unloaded the stuff I'm not using.

Don't buy an ION if you want good customer service btw. My team mates have had nothing but problems with Smart Parts customer service. Diablo has always been friendly and helpful to them.
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Originally Posted by Be4life182 View Post
ill gats pwn nubs n give mE pwners?
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I'm the one w/o the curse, but this thing works great for me (or at least did until i was dumb and accidentially cut the eyes putting it together one day)

anyways, the wrath has always been really good to me. I bought it used and have had no problems(that were the wraths fault) with it, once i got it all figured out. I run mine on HPA so i couldn't tell you how it runs on co2, but for the most part its pretty conservitive on gas. this thing isn't going to win any races, at least not without an upgraded board and other useless things, but for a straight forward no nonsense electro for a good price, you can't go wrong.

rarely breaks a ball, very consistent rate of fire, good eyes(when they're still attatched to the gun anyways). the only complaints that i've heard about it consitantly is that there are not alot of upgrades out there that are meant specifically for the wrath. takes cocker threads so that makes finding barrels easier.

that was a pretty ecclectic review, but i'm kind of tired, so i'll try again tomorrow when i'm less so. but if you have any questions about it specifically, either ask on this thread or PM me, I can answer most of them.
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I just picked up a Promaster, and at $107 shipped, a real bargin. Put on a used Halo for $35. Also need on/off $20, 47/3000 $36, and I'm shooting 22+bps for under $200. These are things to think about when planning a budget for a marker. Ions, Wraths, DM's, etc..., are not going to be worth much without the right acessories.

I wouldn't worry about ICD or who ever not being there to support there product, alot of companys are no longer in the PB market, and if your looking at electros, chances are that company will get out also.
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