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Noobe Boys First Real Marker

I have a delema, I have 3 boys 10, 12, 13, and me 43, I am starting to get back into PB and have hooked the boys. I have narrowed the markers down to 2 and I am trying to figure out the best one for them (Novice). They are use to the Brass Eagle Raider(WallyWorld Special).
1. JT Protium(Electric Semi)17bps
2. WGP Trilogy Comp(Mechanical Autococker)8bps
I hear good and bad about both, but most of what I found is years old.
Both will be run on Remote CO2, using Midrange paint(AWX7500-V), VL Quantum hopper(up to 8bps)to limit major hosing, JT Spectra Flex8 Mask.

I need input Guys and Gals, sites to do more research, where to go to try these, is anyone still using these?

I should have said it more clearly, no pumps, what is the difference in autococker and semi auto(rhetorical question), Jt Protium and WGP Trilogy Comp are the only two choices they have(I have already bought these 8 markers(4boys X 2 Markers), I don't want them used, because of return\resale value on the one they don't get.
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I'd take the Trilogy Comp over the JT Protium personally. A lot of people will tell you that WGP has gone down-hill since the company was sold to JT sports, but the Trilogies are sound markers, especially for a beginning set-up. The engineers at WGP took out all of the stuff that normally went wrong with Autocockers when they built the Trilogy, so there isn't a maintenance issue like there was with older Autocockers. They are also much more upgradeable than the Protium will be. Various companies have made aftermarket parts for trilogies, I can't think of anything, however, that you can do to improve a protium from stock other than change the barrel to something better. The other thing is that most markers these days use Autococker-threaded barrels, meaning if you do eventually upgrade to a higher-end marker, you can take any of the barrels you bought for the trilogies with you. Trilogies can also be converted back and forth from electric (using a trilogy SF frame) to mechanical semi (using the stock frame and pneumatics) to pump (removing the front pneumatics, which is very easy, and putting on a trilogy-specific pump kit).

As far as the VL quantum goes, I'd put my money into a ReVLution loader before buying a quantum as quantums continuously agitate the rounds which can cause brittle paint to break in the hopper, makes a lot of noise, and runs through batteries more quickly. Revys use an electric eye system to agitate the hopper when it sees a jam in the feedneck so you get a lot less noise, better feed rate, and better battery life. As far as limiting the feed rate using the quantum, the issue is that if they do fire faster than 8bps, they're going to run the chance of chopping a ball and then you have to go through the trouble of cleaning out the feedneck, cleaning the bolt, squeegeeing the barrel, etc. They're going to have a hard time hosing with paint if you go with the Trilogy due to it's mechanical trigger set-up anyway.

For the mask, Flex-8 masks are great! They'll stay with you throughout the whole time you play paintball. The thermal lenses won't fog on you even under severe conditions, they have a great field of view, and are very comfortable on almost any size head.
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I agree with most of the above, with additional info following:

I had a Protium for a little while, never actually played with it but shot it in the backyard some. About your only upgrade path is the barrel, plus it's discontinued and was never popular to begin with. The Trilogy is a decent 'Cocker.

Depending on your location (local temperature), you may want to consider using HPA instead of CO2. Someone will want to not use the remote setup and use the tank as a stock (unless you have gas through stocks), which will cause great fluctuations in velocity. Used HPA tanks, particularly the 47/3000 ones, are pretty cheap and very durable.

I would also go with a faster hopper just so they don't run the chance of chopping paint.

As for masks, I prefer the V-Force line, particularly the Shield.

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I'd say go with the cocker, unless your kids are really into playing tourney level speedball and you don't plan on getting them a new marker in a long time, it should be sufficient for rec play. Also, since your sons are younger, a mechanical marker is probably a good bet since it'll be a little more rugged. If you plan to "artificially" limit rate of fire with a slow hopper, there's not much point in getting a 17bps marker. Additionally, you should check to make sure the Protium will actually work on CO2; I'm not sure if that's an electrified blowback marker or electropneumatic, if it's the latter CO2 may destroy it. The mechanical Trilogy, however, should be just fine with CO2.

Basically, an "Autococker" is a pump gun that recocks itself using a secondary pneumatic "circuit". For all intents and purposes it is semi-automatic, as the gun completes one firing and recocking cycle with each trigger pull.
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My only suggestion would be to change the hopper to a VL Revolution or an Empire Reloader. Not the Reloader B, the regular Reloader, which is like the Revolution, but feeds slightly slower and is sound activated. Otherwise, just go with the cockers and you'll be fine. Hope this helps!
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Anything over a JT. JT= Junk Toys. I'm surprised not to see Tippmann 98s among the list.

Overall the trilogy would be my pick, but I'd rather have a 98.

Hopper: Ricochet AK hopper

Mask: Protos are inexpensive and work fairly well.
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Thanks All, Alot of great info, best I've seen in 5 forums
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if you're looking for a nicer electronic marker, Mokal inc. is your best bet Mokal Inc.

they make a solid aluminum marker that is basically the best STBB that you can buy, they also have a nice e-frame in their offerings too.

If you really want a nice marker for your boys, find some old rental mags, there is nearly zilch they can mess up on them. mags are a marker that will probably outlast your kids
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Originally Posted by Trigger View Post
Thanks All, Alot of great info, best I've seen in 5 forums
i see you made it over here as well ...
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What about spyders?

Do not get quantum loaders. Get VL Revolutions inexpensively. With the new PSP rules, the revolution is a tourney-grade loader!
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