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Back to Stock Class. What are reliable VSC Pump Markers to use??

Hey folks!
Not new here, just forgot all my info on my other acc from 2008 but I digress.

I'm selling my Phantom currently looking for something new. I had my eye on the Lapco Grey Ghost but it's discontinued, sadly. What are other options for a reliable marker that doesn't break bank? If anything, I'll find a PGP and build it up as I go.
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What's wrong with the phantom?
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VSC Pumps?

Used Grey Ghosts, or Carters
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Stock class = 12grams and a stick feed. End discussion.
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use your phantom....
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Sterlings can be had in VSC but they're more expensive than a basic Phantom, iirc. Otherwise any pump gun plus a bucket changer and copper plumbing stick feed and you're good to go... ah, depending on your preferred definition of "stock class"
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I think to help narrow down suggestions you would need to answer a few questions about exactly what you are looking for in a VSC gun?

1.What is your definition of VSC (particularly the stock portions)? You mention a PGP which fits the stock portion but not the vertical portion.
2.Why are you getting rid of the phantom? Is it the desire for something new? Or do you hate the nelson valve?
3.What is your valve preference? Nelson, Sheridan, Mag, other?
4.What are you looking for as key features? Efficiency, uniqueness, weight, price, availability, etc
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I would keep your Phantom. Can't get any more reasonably priced and reliable than a Phantom for VSC. You can change up the configuration w/ one particular upgrade and that would be a undercocking kit by either rainman, CCI, or Check it.
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Originally Posted by Crimson Death View Post
use your phantom....
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PGP2K shoots .686" diameter paintballs, the newer 2010+ Phantom does also

If you need something that can shoot smaller paintballs than this then do a bit of research and try to find a replacement aftermarket barrel or barrel kit for the Phantom

It doesn't get better than the Phantom like everyone else has said
If you are getting poor performance with your Phantom then it is paintballs that are too small for its barrel

The old non-removeable barrel Phantom shoots .690" paintballs I think or .689" or .688", not sure -- way to large for today's paintballs
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