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Fs 77/4500 vs Throttle 68/4500

I'm thinking of picking up a First Strike tank since my dye has gone out on me, and was wondering size difference. Is there any? I thought I heard that the were the FS 77ci was the same as a regular 68ci but not entirely sure. Any help would be great.
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It could be a similar outside size, but you would have to look at the specs of each to check. Depending on which first strikes you get, some of them have longer than 15 year lifespan. You can rehydro every 5 years until it doesn't pass hydro.
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The Ninja Super Lite (SL) are the ones that compare to smaller sizes, that I know of.
The 77ci SL is comparable to the 68ci.

The FS ones I have seen in person, but did not get a chance to hold or compare, seemed standard(ish) sizes, so the 77ci was bigger than the 68ci. The 68ci FS looked the same size as my Ninja 68ci Grey Ghost.
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