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Tippman Cronus Upgrade

My dad has been playing paintball with me for over a year now and he wants something better than his tippmann cronus. His two main concerns are reliability and accuracy.
I was thinking of just getting him a 98 custom with a palmers reg (800-850 psi output) and a nice barrel. That way he could have the reliability of a 98 without the inconsistency of a blowback.
Is this a good idea, or should i get him a gog g1 with black heart or something else in the sub $200 price range?
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Accuracy is mostly in the paint. There's a little return in regards to barrel underboring/overboring/freak kits, but in regards to best bang for your buck, make sure your paint's fresh and dimple free.

The cronus uses the same internals as a 98. Honestly isn't too much of an upgrade. Most blowbacks will shoot similarly to each other.

I would only really suggest the eNMEy because it's bolt out back for easy cleaning but besides that, I would just save and go for a better marker.
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Unless you are running Co2, a Palmer stab at 800psi won't due much good since tank regs already output at 800psi.

A barrel is easy to try and not expensive and will most likely see the largest change in performance, a barrel kit is best with different size bores, but an apex2 on a chronus is also fun.

If your after a different marker, the enmey is great.
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The reason I was thinking of a 98 was so I could use a palmers reg as the asa and put a nice barrel on it, but if the reg won't help the consistency of a blowback then I guess that would just be a waste of money.

Should I get him GoG G1? I already own a fully Upgraded ion xe and a gog enmey so I'm familiar with how it works. Plus I have a ton of spare parts and upgrades already.
He would also be able to shoot better paint, which means better accuracy.

What are your thoughts?
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Is he playing a lot or a little? That is how I give advice on either upgrading the marker (internals, feed mechanism, etc.), or upgrading THE marker (buying a new paintball gun).

I would determine how deep he wants to get in to paintball before you move forward.

If he enjoys his Tippmann, it won't cost him too much to upgrade to an A5, or even an X7 for that matter, and at this point, a TMC. Add some goodies maybe, an Apex or flatline, egrip or response trigger. Tippmanns are great to play around with and mod.
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Blowbacks are not inherently inconsistent. Usually they just suffer from cheap finishing and qa. Polish the internals and the barrel bore and you'll likely be surprised at the improvement.

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If you are ultimately going to buy something different for him, I would look into picking up a used Automag. Tippmann reliability, easier tear down, built in regulator. Unless you must stick with CO2, I would not hesitate on an Automag.
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#1 upgrade to a stock Marker should always be a better Barrel. Others may not agree , but this has been my opinion for years..

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I wouldn't vouch for any actual performance gains, but an eNMEy will probably feel a lot nicer to use than a Cronus, simply because it's so much quieter and there's not much felt recoil from the internals moving around. The fact that it's so much lighter and smaller is nice too.
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I don't know what paint sizes are like in your neck of the woods, but Lapco sells Bigshot barrels in .687 .684 and .682. I would pick the best "middle of the road" for your area and pick one up. A better barrel has always made a world of difference on a Tippmann.

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