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My problem with the Axe and Mini is the ergonomics. It's just too small for me so something like an Etek feels much nicer. I don't believe the warranty on the Axe is as good as it once was, something that may be worth looking into.
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I don't recommend a spoolie if you ever play in the cold. The grease gets thick.

An etek 5 may be a good call or really any poppit.
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Get an EGO8 or EGO7 and call it a day... $250 will get you a nice clean lightly used one. Their rock solid reliable easy to maintain and shoot just as good as any new $1500 space gun.

07-08 ego is the performance to value sweet spot try to find one with the most stock parts. There are no valuable upgrades for the ego8 other then the LP valve from the SL8R. 09 had issues I would stay away you would be better off with the Etek 4 then the Ego9 . The NT11 are very poorly designed and a nightmare to keep working. Stay away!

You want a poppet valve marker if you want reliability.
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Of the all the ones you've mentioned, I'd pick the Axe, hands down.

As efficient as anything listed, and assuming you don't get a lemon, it's a nearly bulletproof workhorse, and easily the smoothest shooting of all of them. Super fast, excellent trigger, and frankly, most people don't have any issue with the ergonomics, which is why it's such an immensely popular marker.

Indeed, the Axe has a lot of thought put into the ergos. It doesn't look like it would be comfortable, necessarily, but what looks comfy and what actually is comfy during game play are often very different. Of course, only you can judge for yourself.

But in objective terms, compared to the Etha, the Axe is from another galaxy in terms of shot quality. The Etha shoots like a Daisy Red Ryder, and that is an insult to the Daisy.

Compared to the Etek 4, it's even worse. The Etek 4 is a jackhammer. Very well-made, of course, but a jackhammer all the same.

KAKK!-KAKK!-KAKK! with the Etek 4 vs. putt-putt-putt with the Axe.

My guess is most of the turn-off to the Axe is that they are so common, and now, perhaps, because many people hate GI Sportz, who bought out KEE/Empire.

An additional advantage to the Axe is that, because it has been so popular for so long, you will be able to find parts for it cheaply, easily, and for the rest of your playing life, probably.
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The DM markers generally do not like cold. One thing to consider seeing you're from Sweden

I guess there are tricks to make them work better in the cold, but if you want to play in sub-10C temps.. get something else.
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Well better late then never... But anything planet eclipse is good, the Etha is one of those PE guns that either works for you, or it won't. I've heard so many mixed opinions about that marker that i would not reccomend that particular PE marker. Since you live in a region that could get cold, i would not get a Geo, Gtek or CS1 due to their spool valve design. Anything Ego/Etek should be good, from my expierence the eteks tend to be a bit heavier, and sometimes freaking loud. If you are on a budget a Ego 7-10 is great value for money, if you have more to spend, you could opt for a LV1.
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Gtek is fine in the cold. There is a video of it frozen for hours at -30 and it shoots fine.
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Thank you all for your replies! And sorry for the late response, was out of town during the weekend.

Even though I live in Sweden the winters in Gothenburg are rather mild and I don't think I will play in any extreme temperatures, so I don't think this is too important of a consideration.

When it comes to budget I could probably afford a used Ego 09 or 10, if one pops up for sale. However, I believe the Geo's, CS1's and LV1's will be out of reach, as well as the Gtek's. At this point I am primarily looking at the Axe and the Etek 4. Currently I am leaning towards the Axe with the ergonomics as the biggest question mark. However, I am still unsure and will consider this decision some more.

Thanks again!
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Personally I would go for the Etek 4 over the Axe mainly because I don't like that the Axes reg is non serviceable ( you can make your own tools to do so if needed ) and when they start creeping you get velocity issues. A quick fix is that you can run a drop or two of oil through the relay if you just take it off the marker and blow the oil through with air. That usually fixes the problem but I am unsure on how that fairs on the regulators o-rings.

But if you want to run the Axe, I wouldn't worry so much about the ergonomics. It feels comfortable enough and shoots quite nicely. My wife likes her Axe and I run around with it every now and then, just not a big fan of that regulator.

I got to run around with the Etek 3, unless they did something different the Etek 4 should do the job no problem. I didn't notice any unusual recoil and thought it to be quite nice. You could also look into the JT Impulse, it supposedly is a smoother poppet platform.

Also, just remembered that KEE/GI has updated their warranty program so that it is no longer life time nor does it transfer from person to person. I think the no questions asked window for registering all markers regardless of if you are the original or second hand owner has closed. This may need more research for you up in your area but I remember having to register my wifes Axe and Mini GS to make sure they have some coverage for the future.

Also-also, if you want a workhorse that you can find parts for everywhere for cheap, the Ion could do the job for ya as well. You will also have some extra cash for a decent hopper, tank, paint and admission to boot

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Ego 8 with stock parts, please trust

Will shoot all year, every weekend. Keep your ram clean and use a small amount of oil to coat it. Hardly even needs that

Will get you 6 pods, and no bs

DM7 - 12, Geo 2, G6R will also fit right in
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