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Newbie Here

Hi guys, I'm a newbie in this kind of sport. I've tried when I was young and it feels like playing Counter Strike. Now I'm old I can buy my own equipments. Any advice from the veterans?
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Welcome! We can help you out in nearly every department as we have players of all types, field owners and company reps that frequent MCarter.

My most useful bit of advice that I can give is the mask is the most important piece of gear you will bring on the field. You could have the best of the best when it comes to everything else, but if your mask sucks it can ruin your day. If you mask fogs up, you cant see what you are shooting at. If your mask is uncomfortable or doesn't fit right you probably will be messing with it the whole time or it may become a safety hazard.

Plenty of good masks available at a wide range of prices

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I agree that a good mask should be priority #1. After that, where you go is completely up to you and what you're looking to get out of the game. Admittedly, this rabbit hole can get pretty deep and confusing at first. There are a variety of different ways to play these days and each style has its own type of equipment. If you're looking for a basic mechanical setup, there are new markers like the Gog Enmey as well as a various Tippmanns to choose from. You also have the option to go with a reliable used marker such as an Automag or any number of other available options. If speed is more your thing, something like an Empire Axe, a Mini or a Planet Eclipse Gtek would be a good start for an electronic marker. If you'd prefer to play with limited paint, you could always pick up a good pump gun like the Azodin KP3, CCI Phantom or a nice Sniper. Then again, if you're looking to capture the whole "Counterstrike" vibe, you could try getting into magfed. A few good entry level options into the magfed arena would include the Tippmann TMC and the MCS Tacamo markers.

Once you have your play style figured out and you know which direction you want to go in, you'll also need the necessary components such as an appropriate air source (typically an HPA tank of some sort), an appropriate loader for your marker (gravity fed, force fed, magazines, etc.) which would depend on the type of marker you get. Then you'd want a way to carry more paint onto the field. This would include things like pod packs, stock class rigs or magazine pouches.

My suggestion would be to try out a few options before making a decision beyond a more "traditional" setup. I suggest keeping an eye out for local events listed on this site. Meet up with a few of us. Talk to the players. See if you can get your hands on various types of equipment before diving in head first. More than likely, a few of us may even have a few loaners you could try out and get a feel for.
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Get a good mask and comfortable gear.

Be nice to young'uns.

Play fair.

Try as many different guns and play styles as you can.

Have fun
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I'm just going to second everything JonM said. Couldn't have said it better myself.
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Welcome! And prepare your wallet!!
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100% buy a mask that best suites you and your face, then buy comfortable clothes you don't need high end paintball outfits although a good pair of paintball pants with built in knees pads will make a world of difference when you play.

As for a marker just buy something that shoot straight and you can easily aim with.
it all depends on how much gear you want to carry that ultimately determines the play style you are looking to play.

but dont kid yourself your going to go through the loops

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Welcome new ninja

Fire one or two shots per opponent before moving closer to get them (your paintballs will land on their faces) and use a gun+barrel that shoots today's small-sized paintballs

Wear a thermal lens anti-fog mask, wipe it with a microfiber cloth

Protect your crotch, knees, maybe elbows

Wear a pull-thru squeegee or two around your neck for if you get any barrel breaks

Be sneaky with some so-called "indoor soccer" sneakers so you can tap opponents on the shoulder to eliminate them and take their flag

have fun!!!!!!!
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Wait, wait, wait. You guys actually PLAY paintball?
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