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My really nice stuff goes into the Inception Designs cases (TWSTRS, EvoX, SFL), where as everything else goes into the random cases/boxes/bags I've acquired over the years.

Think I'm going to do a bulk order of Exalt cases at some point though, if just for some of the stuff I still have wrapped in towels and painter's tape.
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I forgot to mention them earlier, but the new PUSH brand gun cases are AWESOME. Holds a gun, barrel kit, tech tools, and even has a magnetized tech mat to work on your gun. They won't fit a pump or cocker right now but I guess they have a larger version for them in the works.
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I use my gearbag to store almost everything except my markers and pants.

Markers go into old Laptop cases. If you get one of those three zippered ones you can fit 3-5 markers and accessories in there super secure.

For pumps, YMMV, since they're usually longer. But the point remains that unless it's an automag, it's probably not a good idea to throw it in a gearbag.
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I have a dye navigator BUT, dye only felt the need to put 2 slots in for markers. That is not enough for a airsmith! So, I just built my own padding. It's just some like 1" foam that was folded over and duct taped together. I put it in the lower container of the bag and my hoppers go in the market slots

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I use a regular Walmart bargain duffle bag. All my guns are kept in neoprene laptop cases from the Dollar Tree. This has worked for me for the last 15 years.

I have an old JT Gearbag that holds all the gear I don't use on a regular basis.
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I keep my markers in the Exalt neoprene sleeves and then put those into a hard briefcase. I also keep an EvaDry333 desiccant pack in there to make sure nothing rusts because I shoot old school markers.
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Roller hockey gear bag with a blend of hard and soft cases for my markers. Everything else is in loose. The hockey bag is coming apart after several years now and needs to be replaced. I'm looking into roller hard cases.
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Markers go in their own laptop case that holds around 5 markers.

They simply wouldn't fit inside the gear bag.
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I stuff 7 markers (5 of which are in soft cases or laptop bags), 8 barrels, 4 pods and my tackle box full of tools into middle compartment of my empire XLT gearbag. The other compartments hold 6 tanks, 3 electric hoppers and 2 masks plus headgear. I’ll velcro my pack onto the carrying handles on the outside of the bag and wear my gear to the field with an extra set of sweats and tennis shoes for the ride home that I just carry by hand. Yes, the bag is stuffed to the gills but it still contains a large majority of my paintball gear.

Find the biggest gearbag you can find and make it work. NXe, PE, Empire all make ones that are similar sized with dividing compartments. Dye makes a really large one (the original navigator) that is huge and has 2 really big separate compartments (with smaller compartments in at least one of them). Smart Parts made one similar to that but they are harder to find.
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Originally Posted by Zepulkinator View Post
Find the biggest gearbag you can find and make it work.
That's how I ended up with a 6' x 12' trailer.
Just hook it up and go.
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