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I've recently started using the V-Force Armor. It has the same side gaps in the foam as the GXG, so it doesn't fog my glasses either.

The nice thing is that the lenses come out pretty easy so you can clean them if you get a face full of paint. lol
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Find a discounted grillz that comes with two thermal lenses. That is a awesome bargain
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I might see if I can track down a cheap helix. My E-vents are in need of a new strap and lens. And its probably cheaper to just get a helix and harvest its parts
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[QUOTE=Random Name;3479157]Got a buddy who has shown some interest in playing. I told him I have several guns he can pick from to borrow for playing but I dont have a mask for him so he would either have to buy his own or rent.

Whatever you do buy used. People sell used ones that are like new all the time. This game has a massive turnover. Hell I have 4-5 masks and never use them anymore.
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helix/e-vents foam I found scratchy and uncomfortable. I found the mask clears itself when i walk around, but fogs if I sit still. not impressed with the e-vents.
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Screw renting! Those masks have been in the hands of how many renters? They have heard that if you use dish soap/ hand sanitizer /spit and use the sleeve of your coveralls that you won't fog. Add they have all tried it before you got the mask... Buy a new pair of single pane lensed goggles/mask (not sure what to call it). NO anti-fog treatment, NONE. Clean water if painted, micro fibre if needed, but above all keep them clean. Not on the forehead between games. Take them off, wipe yo dang head down, clean the lenses... breathe as normally as possible 'cause it is just a GAME...

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I have a Helix for a loaner. Good value overall, but as a few have said the foam sucks. A headband or hat softens it some but it is pretty firm. I am a Profiler fan personally.

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I'd absolutely recommend the helix THERMAL. They do make a single lens version

If the foam is a problem you can always get a $15 set of e-vents foam and replace it mask+replacement foam you are looking at $50

At that point it basically is a e-vents for less money. Ears are different but minor detail

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You can pickup a Valken Identity for $45 new. Has a thermal lens and is very comfortable. The only downside is the padding around the ears captures speech so it is loud when you are yelling with it bouncing back. But they are solid, cover well, padded great and seem to last.

I also liked my Tippmann mask that was around $50 new. It allowed me to breathe well, hear and speak without issue and it didn't fog up. I gave it to my son and I kind of regret it. It was a great mask to lend out and use. I struggled to find a mask that I really liked until I got my HK. But for the price, the Valken or Tippmann masks are a good low cost solution.

I bought a e-vents years ago and they didn't cover me very well. They looked cool but I wouldn't recommend them to anyone unless they have a small head or it was a kid.
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fwiw, the Identities, also have a double strap, can be a plus.
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